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Discussion in '1911 Forums' started by Aahzz, Mar 19, 2014.

  1. So, based on the good press both online and from a variety of local gunshops, I decided to save myself some cash, and bought a Compact RIA 1911 today.

    I feel that I have made a grave mistake.

    Got it home, stripped, cleaned and lubed it as always.

    Went to the range. First round, failed to return to battery. OK, new springs, tight gun, perhaps it needs some break in. Light press to the back of the slide, it went into battery, good to go.....or....

    I made it through 34 rounds. 12 of those failed to return to battery, but fed. 4 failed to feed. On the last failure to feed, the slide locked up tight, halfway back. I can pull it back to engage the slide lock, but it refuses to move forward. At all. Completely frozen solid - see pic below, and you'll see where it is stuck.

    I'll contact RIA, since I've heard they have good service, but I doubt I will ever trust this gun again, so will most likely sell it and take a bath. Would you ever trust one after that experience?


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  2. That stinks. I've known a few RIA owners and they have had good luck. Hope they get you on track.

    If you get it fixed I might give you that bath. I'm just down the road. ;)

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  3. faawrenchbndr

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    Safe to assume you checked the barrel for obstructions/pressure rings/bulges?
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  4. Cruiser1

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    OP, try a different brand of ammo before giving up or getting all hyper about it. Rock Island used to pretty much crap, but over the years are producing a good product in line with their prices.
  5. I can't try a different brand of ammo - it's locked up solid and won't move.
  6. I've got a RIA 1911 and it is a great gun - no issues.
  7. Sounds like it is your first 1911. Can you strip it and clean it again, or tell what is hanging it up. What ammo were you using- no reloads, hopefully. Did you put back together correctly? Take it back to where you bought it, and see if they can at least take it apart and put it back together.

    Don't panic yet.

    On a gun like this, I would consider at least 400 rounds before it is broken in. I have one of these same model BTW, and it works fine.
  8. Is the round stuck in the gun?
  9. He did everything properly. They are simply cheap guns. That's why they keep a subcontractor in Nevada busy doing repair work. They don't even have the capacity to fix their own.
  10. Not my first 1911 by a long shot, I've owned several and I carry a full size regularly. No, the round isn't stuck in there, but the slide is FROZEN - cannot move it at all to tell what's hanging it up, cannot strip it - it will move a quarter inch backwards, but will not move forward at all. Cannot strip, cannot chamber a round, it is locked solid. I have never seen anything like it, actually.
  11. FYI sell it at the next local gun show and get a Glock, something you can depend on. Why risk a failure to function. Glocks work. I'm just say'n.
  12. Reason to never buy a gun, sold by the owner, at the gun show. :whistling:

    I agree you took a gamble for the price and lost on this one. Keep us updated on what happens. Ever owned a Glock?

  13. I have indeed owned some Glocks - a couple 19s, a 26, a 27, a 21 - they're just too damn blocky to carry IWB for me, and I really dislike the grip angle, though it took me a while to figure that out.

    And yeah, that's why I bought this one new, was afraid to buy from owner at a gun show and inherit someone else's problem.
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  14. Your slide stop may have backed out in the takedown notch a little give the slide stop a few taps with a plastic or wood mallet to seat it and slide may release
  15. Delmonte67

    Delmonte67 Glock 40 cal.

    Wow. Wifey got me a "Rock" for Christmas and I switched triggers, added grips and did some custom polishing, its been flawless through at least 350+ rounds of cheapy 45. I have a few friends who have had thiers for years without hiccups. I friggen love mine.
    Lemons do happen. Give them a call, I heard their customer service is great. Keep us in the know on what happens from here. Good luck, I hope they make it right for you my friend.
  16. Nope, can release from the slide stop
  17. Thanks, have an email in to them, will call tomorrow if I haven't heard back. I've sen enough good reports that I was expecting a winner, hopefully they'll make it right.
  18. I would only buy a full size RIA.
  19. :upeyes:

    1911s work great too. If every Tom, Dick, and Harry were building Glocks like they do 1911s, you can bet your ass you would have QC issues.

    Stop comparing apples to oranges.

    ...or better yet, just stay in General Glocking. :yawn:
  20. faawrenchbndr

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    Yea,......like the Gen 4 Glocks have not had any problems. Quit trolling the 1911 forum and go back to playing with your Blocks!


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