Well that kinda sucks

Discussion in 'Black Rifle Forum' started by Ruggles, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. Birthday today, UPS was bringing my new PSA AR upper today which was ordered on election night. Great timing. :supergrin:

    Went to dinner (Ribs and margaritas :supergrin:) and came home to find this

    Aghhhhh! :rofl:

    Oh well try number two tomorrow! This one will be better planned. Last PSA upper was just left on the porch so I was hoping for the same today.

    This is what I almost got today :rofl:


    At least the margaritas were great!

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  3. 12131

    12131 Monkeyboy

    Should have camped out in the front door all day.:rofl:

  4. I ordered mine the day after you did, and I have yet to even get a shipping notice. On ARFcom the PSA rep said mine was in manufacturing and that can take up to 15 business days.
  5. Cole125

    Silver Member

    Sucks when that happens. It pisses me off when companies require a signature on delivery.
  6. On high-dollar items, I am completely Ok with it. I know too many people that have had boxes left on the doorstep either grow legs and walk away, or were mis-delivered with little to no hint of where they went.
  7. No doubt, all day at work I was thinking how sweet it was it was coming on my B-Day :) I have all the parts to build 3 in the safe. Was going to slap it together tonight. But hey the call of the margarita is a strong one!

    Chilies has the three type sampler now, the Rita Trio :)


    Yum...the Tropical Sunrise is my favorite.
  8. I would be OK with it in some areas but this area is pretty rural so it would have been fine leaving it. Like I said last time they just left it but no big deal I will get it tomorrow. I have the wife on high alert! :rofl:
  9. I never received any notice from PSA, just from UPS. They seem to be over loaded with their business. I hear about problems with their CS. :dunno:
  10. Cole125

    Silver Member

    Same with my area, semi rural. Could leave a package on my door step for a week and it would be fine.

    Again its better if companies give the option to ship with no signature demanded, PSA does not.
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  11. TucsonGlocker

    TucsonGlocker Young Gun

    First off, :birthday:

    Secondly, that sucks you have to wait one more day! I remember when my upper was in UPS custody.. I wanted it ASAP! :supergrin:

    Create a (free) UPS My Choice account. Once logged into your account, you'll be given the option to have your driver leave the package without obtaining a signature! :cool:
  12. You can also call and ask them to hold it at the depot, if it's close enough by to pick it up from them.
  13. Thanks :)

    And thanks for the UPS tip, I did not know that. :wavey:
  14. Good advice but I am not sure where it is either. I live in a town of 4300 so I would guess it is towards Houston. Most likely a hour or so away. :dunno:

    I will get it tomorrow, heck they might even do their normal thing, drop it on the porch and ring the door bell. By time I get to the door when they do that all I can see is the butt end of the big brown truck going down the street :supergrin:
  15. WayaX

    Lifetime Member

    I understand your frustration. This is your best choice if you can get to the distribution center.

    What annoys me is when they do it for cheap items. Amazon is notorious for signature confirmations on $2-3 dollar purchases. At that point, it costs me more in gas to drive and get the item than it costs.

    By the way, for most items, you can sign the back of the slip and they'll leave it at your door. I would never do this with a firearm (or upper), but it is an option.
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  16. Chuck TX


    Had that happen before.

    Same thing Waya mentioned too. They'd toss a $700 Aimpoint over the gate, but I'd have to sign for a frakking BluRay disc.:faint:
  17. I was wondering how they determine if you have to sign.
    Had to sign for a less expensive upper from PSA.
    Like someone else said, I was at home on other one, doorbell rang
    went to door and saw truck driving off and box on porch.
  18. faawrenchbndr

    faawrenchbndr DirtyThirty fan

    It's all up to the sender,........UPS follows their request
    They will attempt to get a sig, but if not required by the sender,
    they will ring, drop, dash.
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  19. Never mind. Weird tracking number stuff at ups.

    You may not want to post your number. I can see your address and change delivery to another address online.

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  20. Good point, thanks. I did not think of that.
  21. I was outside when the big brown truck rolled in today. No more notices!

    (Cell phones pics, wife has the camera. And now some of them are upside down, sorry)


    As it arrived:


    All the parts:


    Put together:


    PSA 16" Dissipator Upper
    RRA Lower w/ RRA Small Parts
    Magpul ACS Buttstock (OD Green)
    Ergo Pistol Grip (OD Green)
    Daniel Defense Chrome BGC
    Badger Tactical Latch
    Never Quit OD Magwell Grip
    MI BUIS (OD Green)
    Eotech 517
    MI Drop In Railed Handguards (OD Green)
    Magpul VFG (OD Green)
    TLR-1 Light
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