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Discussion in 'The .40 S&W Club' started by Dalton Wayne, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. Dalton Wayne

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    Back into to Glocks again this time with a gen III Glock 22
    Never had a 40 what do I need to know????

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  3. Congrats, most of my guns are in .40 it's great self defense round, you will have no problems in the recoil department, enjoy your G-22.

  4. The 40s fun and easy to reload. With good chamber support and slow powders it can make impressive ballistics compared to the 9mm.
  5. Welcome to the fold... Just go shoot it, the rest will come natural like. ;)

  6. dont get a 357sig barrel for it or you might not go back to 40. my factory barrel never sees my g23 any more.:rofl: no, the g22 is a fun gun to shoot. congrats
  7. Congrats on your .40, it's a great weapon! Great for stray cats and possums...i mean varmints. Lol
  8. Thought you had a 27... Congrats on the 22, I choose to keep mine with a 22rd mag and 1 chambered and TLR1-HL on the night stand.
  9. Ooops old post... So how do you like the 40?
  10. For some reason I thought you OC'd a G27 at work. Maybe I'm thinking of someone else.

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