Well, crap...

Discussion in 'Black Rifle Forum' started by WoodenPlank, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. The BCG I got from them was serial numbered, so it wouldn't surprise me.

    While I think it was an over-torquing issue, it's still possible that it was a bad screw, bad tap job on the carrier, bad batch of steel, or probably several other things I have not thought of.

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  2. Well they are really busy as u can never get them on the phone and listings of back ordered parts. Which isn't a bad thing but sometimes rushing to get things done can cause mistakes.

  3. They don't answer the phones at all, from my understanding. They are pretty speedy about answering emails, though.
  4. Yes they are and great getting stuff out when you order. I wish they had blemished lowers in stock though.
  5. PSA has had them in and out of stock (ie: Their brand lowers) the past few weeks. When I ordered one, I had it in a week or so with no hiccups. I'm up to almost 2 weeks waiting for them to build and ship my new upper. They said roughly 3 weeks from order to shipping.

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  6. :rofl::rofl:

    I hope you realize, you want somebody to make a mistake so you can get what you want cheaper right.

    I am sure, when they hire a new CNC operator, you’ll get your chance. :whistling:
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  7. Without a doubt I am sure the carrier was threaded. I just wouldn’t be sure of the condition of the tooling used on that job or the quality of the tools that were used to make the fastener.

    All tooling has a life span. Like heading and rolling dies. The wire also plays a part. The wire is first heated to make it stretch before it is headed. Then it gets rolled. The rolling process also stretches the fastener and makes the threads to expand. The operator should have a set of prints to go by when checking their parts.

    Where I work, some rolling dies only last for 20,000 parts while others are more. The material is also deciding factor in tool life. I anneal stainless fasteners every day before rolling to make them softer for die life.
  8. I spoke with them on Wednesday about mine and they told me they are running about a week behind schedule on uppers, so most uppers are taking about 4 weeks to ship instead of 3. I ordered mine on Ocober 20th and it still hasnt shipped...

  9. Sometimes a blemished lower can happen from numerous other reasons besides machining, especially if it cosmetic. :whistling:
  10. Like butter fingers dropping it? :supergrin:
  11. who knows, possible coating issues, packaging, handling, etc .... It appears that those who have bought them have to look to see what the blemish is.

  12. :steamed: :steamed: :steamed:

    Starting to wish I had dropped the extra $50 on a comparable BCM upper, if for no other reason than a shorter wait.

    Mine was a slight mark in the anodizing, nothing more.
  13. Mine only had a small blemish on the inside of the upper, and I didn't noticed it until putting my barrel on.
  14. LOL, well... But you saved $50.

    Blems are not going to be anything other than visual imperfections. They are not going to sell receivers that are knowingly out of spec. DPMS on the other hand...
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  15. Warp


    It is.

    And why I spend rarely look for legitimate information about the black rifles anywhere other than M4C these days. It just isn't worth the headache.
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  16. Rooster Rugburn

    Rooster Rugburn Got Pignose?


    That's wise. GT guru wannabees are M4C rejects.

  17. Says the guy who is all over glocktalk right now? :upeyes:
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  18. While the knowledge base here is definitely not similar to that of a dedicated site like M4C, not everyone posting on this forum is ignorant on this weapon platform. There are several regular posters here who offer quality information. Who is to say that perhaps some of them are also well respected members over at M4C?
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  19. Nothing wrong with turning to M4C as that is where I refer people. However not everyone is familiar with the site and the Glock types might come to their own for advice on this platform. Nothing wrong with those attempting to give good information here also. Helps the entire shooting community. :)
  20. Warp


    Oh, absolutely

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