Well, crap...

Discussion in 'Black Rifle Forum' started by WoodenPlank, Nov 15, 2012.

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    Good to know. All I know is what LMT told me.

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  2. My money is on the front screw being over-torqued from the beginning, and the damaged thread just gave way over time. I doubt it had anything to do with it being in an SBR.

    Until the screw came loose, mine ran like a champ with an H2 buffer and FA BCG.

    Edit to add: Got an email back from BCM this morning with some additional questions. They wanted to know what kind of upper I was using, and what kind of ammo I had used. Waiting for a response now after I sent them the info they needed.

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  4. Copy that
  5. Got another answer from BCM. They are providing a UPS pre-paid label to return the entire BCG for inspection. It'll be going out to them via UPS tomorrow. Assuming they agree that it was defective from the beginning, and the rest of their turn-around time is as fast as their emails, I get the feeling I will be pleased with their response.

    Now I guess it is just a waiting game.
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    Dont tell the guys at m4carbine.net....
  7. Oh my, this is interesting.....
  8. :upeyes:

    It happens. Anyone can goof one up from time to time, but (so far) BCM is hitting all the high points on the way to making it right.

    The complete BCG will be going out from the UPS store to Bravo later this afternoon. Given the holiday next week, I'm hoping to have it back around the 3rd, if the shipping times work out the way I think they will.
  9. Oh I realize this AND I don't doubt they'll take care of you a bit.

    If it would have been someone else, it would have been assumed as commonplace, that's all.
  10. It is immature and inaccurate comments like this that drives animosity between forums.
  11. It's rare to find a company where it's not common. That's why certain companies have such a great following.

    Just like anything, if mistakes happen over and over it gets old. Mistakes few and far between are usually easily dismissed.
  12. That's one opinion for sure, but the more and more one asks for statistical information to verify occurences either way, it's obvious that it's really just a matter of anecdotes. I've definitely seen the bias of some sites towards certain brands and I actually understand why, but again it seems errors by some brands seem to be put on a billboard, while others are extremely quiet.
  13. Exactly. As I like to say, what statistical information is available, and what was the collection method?

    For all we know, Taurus might make the most reliable 1911, and Rock River might be the most reliable AR :)

    But I'll give BCM a good look when I buy a shorty.
  14. It would be interesting to know if the screw threads stripped or if the Bolt Carrier was not tapped properly. If the fasteners are not properly Heat Treated, they will be too soft and will fail. If the tooling on the Roll Thread Machine is close to the end of its serviceable life, that will create problems as well. I have seen this in QC testing many times.

    I am pretty positive, no firearm manufacture ever makes their own screws. They would buy them from a distributor which would buy them from a Fastener business from one like, I work for.

    Where I work, we mostly make automotive safety parts and fasteners for the auto industry. We also make some fasteners for H.D.

  15. The carrier was definitely threaded from the beginning, as the carrier ran fine for a few hundred rounds before suddenly (and mysteriously) failing. Ran fine one range trip to the last shot, and didn't run at all from the first shot of the following visit.
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    I wasn't very impressed with BCM staking. Colt seems to do it well.
  17. I came across a Daniel Defense video where one of their higher up mentioned they make most if not all of their parts down to the fasteners. I'll have to find it.

    md357, it's like the lazy guy at work that can't do anything correctly yet the boss won't fire him. The rest of the crew gangs up on him and shines a spotlight on every little thing he does wrong.

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  18. While the rear bolt on my carrier seemed to be staked well enough, the front one just didn't quite get enough of the bolt to keep it secure. At this point, though, I can't be sure if that is due to a bad staking job, or a faulty screw vibrating to the point that the staking was undone - or a mix of both.
  19. Everyone makes mistakes, at least BCM is taking care of you as a customer. I wonder if they can track who and when it was assembled for QC

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