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Welfare to Work Program

Discussion in 'The Lighter Side' started by Gunrnr, Jan 28, 2003.

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    A young man walked into the local welfare office, marched straight up to the counter and said, "Hey, I hate drawing welfare. I would really rather find me a decent job."

    The man behind the counter replied, "Your timing is amazing. We've just got a listing from a very wealthy man who wants a chauffeur/ bodyguard for his nympho daughter."

    You'll have to drive around in a big black Mercedes, the suits, shirts, and ties are all provided. Because of the long hours of this job, meals will also be provided and you will also be required to escort the young lady on her overseas holidays. The salary package is $200,000 a year."

    The man said, "You're bull$hitting me, man!"

    The man behind the counter smiled and said, "Well, you started it."
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