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Welcome to the FreeTagh

Discussion in 'FreeTagh - Free To A Good Home' started by Eric, Mar 24, 2008.

  1. Eric

    Eric Big Giant Head Staff Member Admin Moderator

    Jan 1, 1970
    Hi folks. I don't know how or if this forum will work out, but I just had the idea and want to give it a try. This is a free classifieds forum. If you have stuff lying around and you would like to pass it on to someone else, this is the place for the ad. This would also be a good place to offer trades.

    You can ask for a reasonable amount for shipping, but you cannot post something here for sale. This is a good place to clear out your orphaned holster drawer, or that corner of your closet full of all the accessories to electronics or appliances you no longer have. Maybe you have something cool that is unfortunately broken, that you think someone else might be able to fix and use. Offer what you want, as long as it is free.

    This forum is a test. If it works out, there will probably be a more structured set of guidelines put in place. Until then, we will play it by ear. Eric
  2. RemSp10

    RemSp10 Ok I give up

    May 6, 2002

    Thanks Eric
    This is cool. I will be digging out some of the treasures that i have.
    Remember this is on a trial basis,lets try to keep it.
    Just one question Eric . Is it ok to post pictures also.

  3. p8riot

    p8riot Va Gentleman

    Feb 1, 2003
    Richmond, Virginia
    This is beeing tried on other forums, and is quite popular, especially on TheHighRoad, where it is currently at 52 pages and almost 1300 posts since it started 12/3/2007.
  4. xd357


    May 1, 2007
    i like it, thanks eric


    Jun 2, 2009
    This is cool....... Great idea ;)
  6. glove


    Sep 8, 2009
    Where on T.H.R. is a Free To A Good Home thread?
  7. Bob & wife

    Bob & wife

    Aug 29, 2010
    I'm looking for your "ADVISE", I want to know: what ammo is the cheapest in the GLOCK FAMILY OF GUNS, as I am finding my 40 caliber gen 1 glock 23 expensive to shoot???? Also, on the same line, I've got a 22/45 Mark III slab barrel twenty two that I use a lot at the range because of the cost of ammo (I'm retired) and share this with my wife. What revolver or pistol in the 22 caliber class handgun would you suggest as our second purchase 'twenty two', so we don't have to share while at the range together???
  8. M1AG30


    Jan 13, 2011
    when did this become the "hey if anyone wants to give me..... " forum? all these ads of people looking for stuff ...maybe make a want to buy (oh wait there is one already)or want it free forum.... kinda sad to have to weed through all the I want this if ya want to give it up posts..... JMHO
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2015
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  9. griggrt


    Dec 17, 2006

    Eric is trying to nudge us in the right direction (in bold) of offering trades instead of just asking for stuff. But awesome forum otherwise.
  10. #1 Glocker

    #1 Glocker

    Nov 30, 2005
    Just for your info, which I don't believe it's any of your business, but hey your exercising your 1st. amendment. Everyone that I have dealt with through private messaging, I have offered up trades.
    I don't feel like I've done anything wrong here. Not once have I asked for something and expect to get it for "Free". In all instances, I have offered something to trade. If the other party does not want anything, I tell them if they ever think of something that I may have to get a hold of me and I will help them out as well.
    If this offends you, then I am sorry. Get over your self and move on. Life is to short to worry about other people's business.
    Have a nice day.
  11. robhic

    robhic WOLVERINE!!!! Platinum Member

    Jun 28, 2011
    OK, this should be perfect! I have a FREE Kydex holster for a Glock model G36 pistol to give away. Short explanation: I bought a CLINGER HOLSTER for my new G36 and got it Christmas eve. It was their "Atom" model.

    Didn't work out so well for me and they said send it back. I upgraded to the "STINGRAY" model and it works great. In the box with my return I included the specs for my new holster (0° cant, regular ride, right hand draw) in the box.

    The customer service guy emailed to verify specs for my replacement and I gave him same. New holster arrived and I liked it. A lot. About 2 weeks later a package arrived containing ANOTHER "Stingray" holster! I guess someone doubled the order using my specs with the returned one.

    So I have 2 holsters and with the lifetime guarantee, I really only need the one. So I'd be glad to "donate" the second Clinger Stingray holster for a Glock 36 (and ONLY the 36!) for free. It WILL NOT FIT any other model (G19, etc.) like some leather holsters will. But if ya got a 36 tha could use good Kydex home, lemme know. I got it free and I'd be wrong to try and sell it (plus I don't know anyone with a 36).
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  12. Landon3779


    Feb 3, 2016
    I just got a Glock 36 and am in search of a good holster.. I'm interested if still available.. Thanks again

  13. robhic

    robhic WOLVERINE!!!! Platinum Member

    Jun 28, 2011
    Sorry, I think this wasn't the right spot to post so I posted it in the forum (below) and got a request from a member in MD. I already mailed it Tuesday. Sorry. :frown: