Week 15 Freebies: Totally RAD Kit--NukAlert, RadStickers, N95 Masks, KI

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    Kicking butt and taking names ...

    Not only are we rolling inventory out the door with our December Blowout Sale, but our Repel the Chaos Week 15 member freebies offer is quite simply Totally RAD! That is, we are offering our buyers club members who make any purchase in our store this week (from Dec. 3-9) totaling at least $490 a free kit (value $269) that includes:

    See the Repel the Chaos page for details and limitations, as well as info on our prize drawings.

    Stay safe!

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  3. Several items in the Blowout Sale are now out of stock--but there's plenty more good stuff left at great prices (especially at the member-discounted pricing!)

  4. kicking butt and taking names ... I loved that saying when I was a kid
  5. Members' "Totally RAD Kit" offer good thru Sunday, 12/9/12
  6. Worth reminding folks--we always ship for FREE (everything and anything) to the lower 48--members and non-members alike.
  7. Last day for the Totally RAD Kit offer.

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