We continue to be our own worst enemy

Discussion in 'Cop Talk' started by indigent, Feb 5, 2013.

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  3. I think we have all had the displeasure of working with individuals such as these at some point unfortunately. The sad truth is that there will always be "officers" like this and they will need to be dealt with. Its just a shame that it gets to this extent before something is done about it.

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  4. Dukeboy01

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    You get what you pay for, or, more likely what you lower your standards to hire.
  5. CJStudent

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    Hit the nail on the head right there!
  6. We call that "R.O.D" retired on duty...
  7. Mayhem like Me

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    And the last names tell me they're part of the ruling class at Miami Dade PD

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    Every profession has people that are like this.

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    1. The JBT's

    Handled appropriately.

    Enjoy your new jobs at 7-11.
  10. TBO

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    The one time I almost lost it in front of everyone was responding to a hot call and coming up fast behind another responding unit traveling "code zero".

    I about pushed them out of the way, got by, and after the scene was secured went looking for them.
  11. Departments actively, agressively recruit minorities. The give them preferential treatment in MANY aspects of the hiring process. Such behavior including and especially overlooking aspects of the background investigations which would disqualify a white male.

    Why then shouldn't these hirees feel like teflon dons? They know that their presence is fulfilling minority quotas established by the courts to "make things fair". Of course they don't worry about being punished.

    It is a system of malfeasance and poor judgements on behalf of the hiring agencies which will absolutely result in a culture of under performing / corrupt police officers.

    I see no changing of these standards and trends in the future. As you can see they are moving up the ranks to supervisory positions wherein the culture of protecting these slackers and miscreants has become so firmly entrenched as to be insurmountable.

    Have I mentioned recently how happy and relieved I am to be retired?
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  12. What a bunch of losers. I'm glad they got canned, and I hope they never have another job with any kind of responsibility again.

    This isn't the kinda of work where you can take scheduled breaks, play a stress card or slack off.

    Eff them.

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  13. Welcome to the 'New National Order'.
  14. I don't get how anyone could blow off responding to an unconscious five month old. :steamed: Disgraceful.

    I was discussing hiring standards with a guy at work and came to the conclusion that motivation was the most important qualification.

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  16. There are some of us non LE types that know the media can't be trusted. We know that there are more LEOs who do an excellent job than there are dirt bags in uniform. Thanks for doing what you do.
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    Thank you. I'm beginning to think people like you are in the minority, though.
  18. CJStudent

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  19. Mayhem like Me

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  20. Unfortunately I am EXTREMELY familiar with this term. We had a high ranking administrator that was well known as being ROD for about the last 12 years of his career or so.

    He has since retired, and things have been improving ever since.

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