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  1. A condemned man was on the gallows in a western town.

    Prior to his execution, the hangman asked him if he had any last words.

    The man replied that he certainly. "I hate all of the Masons!' cried the convict.

    "You do," said the hangman, "Please explain."

    The condemned man went on to say: "The bank I robbed is owned by a Mason. The teller I killed was a Mason. The Sheriff is a Mason. His posse were all Masons. The judge and prosecutor were Masons. All of the members of the jury were Masons. I hate all Masons!"

    The hangman, being satisfied the convict had his say, then instructed him: " Take a step forward with the left foot..."

    saw that on another site. figured my bretheren may get a chuckle
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  2. perhaps i should have titled this "masonic joke thread"...

    if anyone has one they want to plug in, please do. i really could use a laugh.

  3. Chuck Norris is the only Most Worshipful Entered Apprentice.

    Chuck Norris doesn't wear an apron, he wears the whole lamb.

    Chuck Norris can tile a lodge from anywhere in the world.
  4. I'm sure the condemned would not agree (or some others would not be able to 'see' why) but this tickles! :rofl:

    Thanks, brother!

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