Wax Slugs/shot shell experiments

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  1. Just was wondering if any one else was making Wax slugs? I'd never heard of them before until a late night youtube venture landed me on a how to video. Really simple process to make, cut the crimp on a shot gun shell, dump the shot out and throw it in a pot with candle and/or paraffin wax, then laddle it back into the shell. I did some testing the other day with winchester target loads and 7 and a half shot. I'm convinced this is the ultimate in close range home defense. They are dead on accurate out to about 15 yards, after that they get alittle iffy but still well within accurate to take a human sized target. I also made a shell using 2 45 caliber round balls and filled the shell with wax, this is the ultimate "door greeter" round. not very accurate past about 20 feet, but with only two 45 caliber round balls it's not like normal buck shot. Just was wondering if any one else has done any experimenting with shot shells and different types of shot.

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    Nope.. But sounds like fun!

  3. Again here I can see the drool dripping off the lower lip of the civil court attorney explaining to the jury how the evil reloader tweeked that round to be the ultimate killing round asking for the 7 figure wrongful death settlement.
    For fun and games sounds like a blast. For Zombies should the day come absolutely . For meeting the local meth head at the front door . Give me a standard magnum oo buck shell .
  4. Well the ultimate door greeter is a 10 ga turkey load, will put a fist size hole in a 1/4in steel plate at ten paces, I'll delete the thread if it goes political, i'm tired of that crap, I was simply asking if any one else has tinkerd with loads, gheez people lighten up
  5. A buddy of mine and myself made some for the first time last weekend. We shot some old appliances and WOW! the effect was awsome. We then went to a near by creek and shot down in the creek from a overlooking bluff. I had a great pattern out to about 70 feet to where the water was and the embankment on the other side. Nice close tight pattern of some #7. I shot the same distance with a S&B 00buck load and the wax load was much more impressive. The 00buck was scattered out quite a lot compared to the wax load that was grouped in about a 6" cluster.

    Next week we are going to do some snappin turtle shooting with some wax loads....should be some fun.

    I wonder what a wax load with 00 Buck would be like.
  6. Hey I did say it sounded like fun . But ya did mention the use of that fun stuff outside the realm of fun stuff. Meant no offense there . Killing stuff at the dump it's on like Donkey Kong.
  7. Sorry for getting snappy phantom, just alot of my threads not so much on here but other places have been turned into political crap holes when they were just ment for fun. Racer, for buckshot try stright parifinn wax. It's harder than candle wax and will hold the buck shot together better than just candle wax. Just be sure to put back only what you take out of the shell. Meaning don't add more shot back to the shell then was orginally in or you might(probably not but just to be safe) run into pressure issues. I'm making some up for tuesday's shooting trip if it doesn't rain.
  8. Ok,,, the GF is going to china mart today and I have requested she get some paraffin.
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    Gulf Wax is 88 cents a box at Walmart... you can find it in the kitchen department with the canning supplies. Also makes very good lead flux.

  10. I havn't been doing much with shotguns for years now but I will be fooling around with wax slugs and cut shells in the future. It is one of those things that is good to know just in case you need it IMO.
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    In North Carolina... if it is determined that you did nothing *criminally* wrong in shooting someone (say self defense), you are IMMUNE to civil lawsuits. Period. And honestly? If you did something to deserve getting shot, shouldn't matter what I shoot you with.

    Bring on the parrafin and bb's.
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  12. I don't really buy into all the jive of reloads for SD and all that other BS. Sure in some cases may be relevant but the chances are better of winning the mega millions.

    Locally there was a guy who shot and killed a guy that was running towards him while he was on his front porch. The homeowner on the porch grabbed his bow and shot/killed the guy on his front lawn. It was a good shoot under the castle doctrine and that was the end of that. No civil suits could filed and the arrows/heads were not brought into question.

    Besides I never saw a game animal file a civil suit and that is one of the main uses of a cut shell or wax shell. Taking cheap birdshot and making a slug out of them for far cheaper than regular slugs is great.
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  13. GioaJack

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    Was his name ROBIN and was he wearing a HOODie when he shot the guy? :whistling:

  14. And what about wearing his tights
  15. Lmao!!!!!

    Just an update, I've come up with another load that should be interesting, Just out of random Idea I started dropping some .224 55gr fmj's into a shell while I was waiting on my wax to melt, to my surprise 7 of these little suckers fit quite nicely into a 12 ga shell. So I stood 7 up point toward where the crimp would be and waxed em up. I doubt they will fly straight but it should be interesting, I know I wouldn't want 7 55gr fmj's spinning toward me at 1300 fps lol
  16. I'm thinking you must have been reincarnated from the days of old where they ran out of cannonballs and started emptying the silverware drawer down the bore of the cannon .. LOL Hey I mean that in a good way ...... Bet those fellers never thought of holding it all together with wax !!!!!!
  17. hmmmmmm..... think a spork will fit in a ten gauge??? lmao j/k
  18. Maybe try building a base with shot/wax and then putting the 55 gr bullets in so they are slightly below the end of the shell and seal with wax. The lead shot base may help prevent tumbling.
  19. Hmm, I wonder how flechettes would respond. Does the wax slug break up after a short distance?

    NM: I just watched the how to vid. Hence the name wax slug.
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  20. In a cylinder choke it stays together, with pariffin wax they stay together very well, in a full or modified they tend to break up slightly

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