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Watch this video...and then...

Discussion in 'Tactics and Training' started by Magnum 357, Dec 17, 2009.

  1. Magnum 357

    Magnum 357

    Apr 8, 2007
  2. Dalton Wayne

    Dalton Wayne Epic mustache Millennium Member

    Apr 5, 1999
    Central Florida
    His problem was he didn't have a round chambered.
    If I worked a high risk job I would wear my vest, hell I wear it if I go through the bad side of town or out to town late at night, and I always wear it when I go to Orlando that's crime central. :cool:

  3. Dalton Wayne

    Dalton Wayne Epic mustache Millennium Member

    Apr 5, 1999
    Central Florida
  4. Ever consider this guy used the Israeli method of carrying his gun chamber empty and the idiot found out sometimes you can short stroke it? Like when scared?

    And where was his backup gun?

    And as I suspected, it was in India. Agra is a region there.

    Yep, I bet he carried it chamber empty.

    And you know the arguments here we have had over chamber empty carry, right?

  5. Scouse


    Jul 7, 2002

    # 1/ Only calibre available by law... .32. Round nose lead cartridges!

    #2/ The total lack of training, and no extra rounds. Lost cause.

    My Diamond store experience in Orlando FL. Mossberg pump, 6 rounds Low Vel; slugs, Glock 19, 16 rounds of 127g WW Ranger. Plus a G17 magazine, just in case a (up to now not one ever) malfunction.

    Man trap double door entry, metal detector built in, I let you in! Push button remote.

    Nice A/C, vest was comfy!
  6. cowboywannabe

    cowboywannabe you savvy?

    Jan 26, 2001
    that was an assasination not a robbery.
  7. Gallowglass


    Sep 9, 2007
    I think the OP's point was that you don't have to remember to rack a slide on a revolver, just pull the trigger.
  8. betyourlife

    betyourlife on a GLOCK

    May 10, 2004
    Seattle, WA
    Um, fail.:upeyes:
  9. TattooedGlock

    TattooedGlock NRA LIFE MEMBER

    Jun 21, 2006
    South Texas
    Exactly. Nothing appeared to be taken and none of the other folks were shot at. Heck, they may have even been in on it!

    And to the poster who has to wear a vest to go out and live his life, I have one word for you...MOVE! :faint:
  10. PhoneCop

    PhoneCop TeleDetective

    Jan 6, 2005
    San Antonio, TX
    I agree. With a Glock and and a loaded chamber the same applies.
  11. And you don't have to worry about short stroking the slide or having to chamber a round while grappling with the BGs. Nor worry about if you will even have two hands to chamber the round!

    Point-n-click is the solution unless there are some serious extenuating circumstances like a non-drop safe weapon.

  12. Failure to do/perform a particular skill or technique correctly is pretty poor evidence that the skill or technique is not good. Using this argument if he had carried a 1911 chamber loaded and the safety on, but had failed to get the safety off, it would mean one should not carry a 1911 chamber loaded with the safety on.

    BTW, there was already a pretty good discussion of this incident at
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  13. NDC187


    Jan 9, 2008
    The only difference between a revolver and an auto is the method in which rounds are fed. It's a myth a revolver is more reliable than a quality auto.

    I can say one thing. IF someone was in arms reach with a revolver in DA mode the cylinder would be grabbed and the gun would be taken.

    Problem in round in chamber as other poster stated.
  14. Magnum 357

    Magnum 357

    Apr 8, 2007
    This is a REAL EXAMPLE why people should carry a REVOLVER for SELF don't have to worry about recking the slide or having a JAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. NMGlocker

    NMGlocker BOOM headshot

    Jun 29, 2001
    New Mexico
    As Buggs Bunny would say... "the OP is a maroon."
  16. You still have to load the revolver and for most loading a gun is racking the slide. F%^K revolvers, I prefer the automatic for mag capacity and fast reloads, what ever works for you. Retard tactical keeps the morgs full.
  17. No Magnum, it's a REAL EXAMPLE of why your weapons should be ready for immediate action without undue manipulation. And chamber empty on a drop safe handgun is an unneeded manipulation.

    Some who carry modern drop-safe revolvers do so with the chamber under the hammer empty, and thus giving up 1/6th or more of their ammo supply for no real reason!

    Sadly there are people who will think the safety of a weapon is tied to the state the weapon is kept in instead of the mental state of the user. And that is the real problem.

  18. Scouse


    Jul 7, 2002

    Well, I taught mostly Revolver carriers (Job related, both Public and Private) and an older (before peace work, more you send out, the more you make days) model of Mod 10 or Models 64 and 65.

    I did this for over 21 years.

    Only ever fired double action, most converted to double action only (all my training guns were) most of my client Company's as well, because of the many dry fire and live fire these revolvers had been through, the triggers were all smooth as glass, and all around 10lbs.

    Young people (over 18 YOA) from draw, duty holster, double taps, from 5m' (just over 5 yards) around 3" hits center upper chest, time and time again, took around 2 hours, both dry fire, live fire, around 100 rounds.

    But having said that, no miss fires, my reloads on a Star Machine. Sometimes, vary rarely, but did happen, new gun, or 10 year old one... Firing pin broke, or fell out.


    They all have Glock Pistols now, 9mm and .40 S&W.
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  19. Actually it is an example of how, even if your weapon is ready for immediate action without undue manipulation, as was the situation here, most of the time it won't matter. Racking the slide is not much of a problem, as we have seen for decades. But in this case it just doesn't matter, the guy could have had a revolver, a loaded shotgun, or whatever with him, without changing the outcome.
  20. Goldendog Redux

    Goldendog Redux Shut your mouth

    Aug 22, 2003

    In the last thread everyone seemed to thing they would have simply rocked some El Presidente getting instantly lethal CNS on the bad guys and walking away unscathed.