Washer for captured guide rod

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by mlk3454, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. I got an ISMI captured guide rod to mate with a 22lb recoil spring for my G20. The package came with a plastic/rubber type of washer and when installed with with the screw the spring bends it out almost around the screw. The screw by itself seems to hold the spring just fine....is this washer needed, it doesn't seem to be very effective as it is pliable with the spring in place.

    The instructions do not note anything about a washer but they really are not very in depth instructions other than to put the spring on - add purple or blue loctite and screw in the screw at the end of the rod...any help is appreciated!

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  3. Not all rods are made the same. Depends on the specs of the rod and washer. Best to call the maker, wan what springs they rec.

    Sounds like you need the washer to hold the spring on, otherwise use a non-captive system.


  4. Makes sense and I'll probably end up calling but was curious if anyone had any experience with the ismi rod and sprung combo. It's the only one available from midway if I remember correctly.
  5. I'm pretty sure the washer is for gen4 and u don't use the washer for gen3 or its the other way around
  6. There are dish-washers, car-washers, faucet washers, Gen3 washers, and then there are Gen4 adapters.
  7. The washer is only holding the spring on when the RSA is out of the gun. When installed, the slide will push on the spring in the opposite direction.

  8. ^ ^ ^ This is true.

    Just an FYI for anyone that may end up with the same question as me...

    I called the tech line for ISMI and spoke with a very nice gentleman regarding that washer. He told me that he personally doesn't use the washer in his guns and that they are there more for the use with non ISMI springs that have an inner diameter bigger than the ISMI bretheren. He did mention that Wolf springs most likely will need the washer. Furthermore, he noted when installing the spring there will always be a side with a tighter inner diameter and that side should be installed on the screw end.
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    Thanks for contacting ISMI and posting the explanation. It's unfortunate that ISMI doesn't include that in the instructions shipped with the product. For such a critical part as the RSA, it makes no sense to leave customers wondering if the washer is required. If it's not required, I would definitely opt to leave it off.

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