warrant-less “protective sweep” gets expensive for the Lumpkin Co SO

Discussion in 'Civil Liberties Issues' started by frank_drebin, Aug 30, 2011.

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    Sounds like he tried to do a speeding stop, it escalated into a failure to yield and a resisting arrest.

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  2. Woo hoo! 20 posts! Now I can answer this stuff. :wavey:

    The dash cam video plainly shows that Deputy Sterling Cole was never behind me and never used his lights, siren, or PA system. The video is now included in Georgia POST curriculum as an example of how NOT to do a traffic stop.

    The protective sweep was a canard that was repeatedly shown to be false in several court rooms.

  3. And you would be wrong. The video contradicts your supposition.
  4. It was a punitive act. My real crime was contempt of cop, so they decided to vadalize and rob my home, which they did. They stole about $7000 worth of stuff and trashed the place.
  5. Not in rural Georgia. Not by a long shot.

    Bull ****. The Sheriff hires his deputies, not the community.

    What about those of us who don't like mongoloid infused armed goon squads wandering around preying on people and getting away with rape, murder, and kidnapping? What would be your feasable and workable suggestion for us?
  6. About 2 minutes.

    No and no.

    Armed breaking and entering, vandalization, and burglary. There were a raft of other crimes committed as well. My favorite being manufacturing an SBR.


    He didn't attempt to initiate a traffic stop.

    They had over 5 years to come up with a reasonable explaination for what they did and they couldn't.

    I had retired LEOs working security at the Federal court house come up to me and my attorney and say that they had never been asahmed to be a cop before, but after what they had seen, they wanted to apologize on behalf of good cops.
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  7. In this case that was shown to be true over and over and over.
  8. Nope. Not anymore. Time for you to do some reading up.

  9. Sounds to me like Cole didn't do a speeding stop, and escalated what should have been a mundane thing into a Federal case.

    I told him to arrest me over and over.

    Cole has a history of pulling his weapon on children. The youngest I know of was a 7 year old girl. He failed a pscyh exam about 2 years ago, so they pulled him from the road, then a year later they put him back out again. He also murdered an old woman on her porch for "failing to obey my lawful commands" in 2008.

    The dude's a ****ing winner any way you slice it.
  10. Good to hear. The sad part is that the taxpayer will ultimately have to pay for some dumb cops mistake. What should happen is the Leo's involved should have to pay, or every cop in the department.
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    My apologies but I fat fingered that response. What was meant was that you were probably quite unaware due to the kids acting crazy in the car. Withe movies, music, playing etc... It gets crazy in a car load of kids.
  12. Nope. Just me in the truck. The guy was never behind me. There wasn't anything to not be aware of.

    Don't forget, this guy was pulled from the road for failing a psych eveal after assaulting a guy for no rerason in the guy's house. He ain't all there.

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