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Warning Shots

Discussion in 'Band of Glockers' started by CatsMeow, Sep 23, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    I was reminded of this topic when I remembered watching the dispersal of those Erap supporters who made it to the gates of Malacanang during the so-called EDSA 3. The police were driving them back while some of them were popping away into the air with M16s.

    My question is, when is a warning shot warranted? I know police do it all the time, as there are some bozos around whose attention can only be caught by a gunshot. On the other hand, what goes up will always come down, and if it catches some child in the head, as what happens every New Year...

    What is your take on the matter? :)
  2. charlie-xray

    charlie-xray Gunpowder Adik

    Aug 11, 2004
    Pugad Baboy
    No way of stopping them from doing that practice.

    Wish my roof is made of concrete slab.

  3. TTPower


    Aug 2, 2006
    correct me if im wrong but i think warning shots are no longer allowed. its either you fire at the BG or u dont fire at all.
  4. isuzu


    Jul 3, 2005
    North America
    The M16s barely made any effect on the Erap supporters. That was when they brought out the Browning 50 cals which was loud that people started running away.
  5. I don't remember seeing it in the news. Hope the 50 was pointed seaward because they go a long way.:)

    When the US Marines were stationed in Somalia, before the 1993 debacle, they had a novel way of dealing with Somali demonstrators who would block their M1 Abrams tanks. For one demonstrator standing in the middle of the road (shades of Tiananmen Square), they would put the gun tube on top of his head, then depress, pounding him to the ground. For several demonstrators, load anything, elevate maximum then fire, everybody on the ground holding their ears.:supergrin: For women, do a 180 and give the ladies some turbine exhaust.:supergrin:

    Ralph Zumbro said that in Vietnam, when they were in a hurry, a coaxial machinegun on an M48 was louder than any horn; serves to drive the slow 3-wheeled Lambretta "ditty wagons" to the side. Wish I could do that to those damned tricycles on the highway in Tarlac and Pangasinan.:supergrin:

    Anyway, there's a news story here in Cebu where yesterday, a cop cornered a hold-up suspect, and despite his firing a warning shot, the suspect was unfazed and attacked him with a knife, forcing the cop to shoot him dead.
  6. DaScotsman

    DaScotsman D-FENS

    May 23, 2007
    KC, MO
    That option always works.:thumbsup:
  7. casmot

    casmot Re membered

    Yes, I've read or heard it somewhere that LEO are no longer allowed to fire warning shots. But then, only in the philippines, that warning shots are fired after the BG, by stander, or victim has been shot. :supergrin:
  8. Here's the story in today's Sun Star Cebu:

    Cop shoots suspected burglar dead

    A POLICEMAN shot dead a man believed to be a member of Akyat Bahay gang along 3rd St., Guadalupe Heights Village, Barangay Guadalupe, Cebu City at 10 p.m. last Sunday.

    The man remained unidentified as of yesterday afternoon. He was described to be about 5’4” tall, of medium build, having brown complexion and wearing short pants and a sleeveless shirt.

    PO1 Melbin, Jimenez of the Guadalupe Police Station, was reportedly forced to shoot the man after the latter allegedly tried to stab him.

    Jimenez and SPO2 Carlito Lirazan went to the village in response to a call for assistance from Jose Yap, who reported to the Guadalupe Police Station about the presence of three men spotted on the roof of his house.

    When the operatives arrived in the area, two of the three men quickly jumped from the roof and leapt over a concrete fence, leaving the other man behind.


    Jimenez, Lirazan and village security guard on duty Miguel C. Debuayan cornered the man.

    The man allegedly pulled out a knife and tried to stab Lirazan. Lirazan parried the thrust.

    The man also tried to stab Jimenez, who then fired a warning shot using his .45 pistol.

    Ignoring the warning shot, the man allegedly continued attacking the two policemen, so Jimenez shot him.

    The man was hit in the abdomen.

    Lirazan and Jimenez brought the man to the Cebu City Medical Center, but he was pronounced dead on arrival.


    Insp. Mario Monilar, Homicide Section chief, in an interview, said that based on the information they gathered, the two policemen were just doing their job.

    Monilar said they have requested the PNP 7 crime laboratory to perform an autopsy on the body.

    In a separate incident, a security guard was found dead inside a makeshift house on Lower La Guerta in Barangay Lahug, Cebu City with two hacked wounds in his forehead.

    SPO3 Alex Dacua of the Homicide Section identified the security guard as Abelardo Lequip. Dacua said Lequip was about 54 years old.

    Dacua said Lequip’s body was discovered at past 4 p.m. by a 13-year-old boy who went to the makeshift house to claim the umbrella earlier borrowed by the security guard.

    Dacua said Lequip’s body was already in the state of rigor mortis.

    Dacua said they are looking into the possibility that Lequip was victimized by robbers because his bag had been opened and his pockets looked like they had been searched.

    Lequip’s firearm could have also been taken as indicated by an empty holster found near him.
  9. chowchow


    Jan 15, 2007
    During my ROTC days one of the Tac Officers, a reserved Army MSgt, would use his small pocket .22LR pistol to scare us if someone in standing formation would keep fooling (making distracting movements) around. Once he spots the guy doing that, he'll come straight, draw and shoot right in the ground at close range. He would berate the pants out of a cadet rightin the face. Luckily no one got hurt as far i can remember.
    Thinking of it back I think he could have only used a cap round, primer and powder lang, just enough to make a pop.:supergrin:
  10. crazy_hans


    Apr 21, 2007
    Caloocan City
    sirs i remember this topic at myth busters where they fired guns, as in rifles and handguns up as in 90 degrees and when the bullets came back down, according to the result of the penetration it wasn't enough to kill anyone or penetrate skulls or other parts of the body except probably if you go star gazing and it falls where it shouldn't.anyway it was exactly 90 degrees when they were fired.
  11. akula

    akula BizDuc NM Millennium Member

    Oct 11, 1999
    Diri, Diha, Didto

    The "all of the above" ruling on the bullets fired into the air myth was a new one for MythBusters. All of their tests showed that if you fire a bullet perfectly straight up into the air, it will not kill you as it will fall down on its side and have too low of a terminal velocity to kill, much like the Penny Drop myth. However, it is very difficult to fire perfectly straight into the air and they even found an international expert in falling bullets who was able to confirm for them that people have died from bullets fired up into the air.
  12. Hmm I think I know the guy...:supergrin:

    The late Skeeter Skelton actually did that to a perp who was in a grocery. When he came in, the clerks shouted that the BG has a knife under his coat. Skeeter ordered him to take out his knife with two fingers, but the guy smiled insolently and continued eating an orange. Skeeter then put a .44 Special slug between the guy's feet, which were planted rather close together. The knife clattered to the floor.

    I think he got away with it because it was a rural town where Skeeter was the sheriff, and no ACLU around...:supergrin:
  13. saki1611

    saki1611 BOG's #1611

    Sep 16, 2006
    base on PNP Handbook on Rules of Engagement (Revised, 1997), there's none that prohibits the police in doing Warning Shots. Though a paragraph on checkpoints mentions about discouraging (not exactly prohibiting) in doing such to avoid confusion it can create to driver/passengers of the vehicle who ignored/ bumped the roadblocks of a checkpoint to elude arrest. if a LEO fired a warning shot in the performance of his duty, he can't be charged for indiscriminate firing nor illegal discharge of firearm, neither administrative charges because base on the PNP Rules of Engagement Handbook there's no prohibition in doing such. actually warning shot is an individual call of LEO base on his judgment if he needs to do such. yet he must be ready to justify the act in case this will lead him to a predicament.