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warners surplus sale this weekend 10% off

Discussion in 'Pennsylvania Glockers Club' started by g26camo, Nov 22, 2007.

  1. g26camo


    Feb 4, 2005
    I was at warners last night to pick up a new toy they transfered for me. The gal behind the counter (Deb, I think) said they are having a big sale on friday and saturday with 10% off everything in the store. She said quite a few customers asked if they would do anything for black friday (guess gas prices are killing everyone's gun budget) so she said they desided to throw together a qick sale for this weekend. She said they will open early on friday and close late I forgot the hours:sorry: I also forgot to ask about sat. hours.

    Just thought you guys may like to know about it.

    I know they just got in a bunch of g22 police trade in's (I'll be there for one friday) they look in great condition with night sights and 3 le marked high cap mags. She said sale price averages $350. plus tax some are higher but looked unused.

    sounds like a good price on the g22 what do you guys think?
  2. Rylos1

    Rylos1 NRA Endowment CLM

    Dec 30, 2003
    Easton, PA
    Bummer, I won't be in the area.

  3. sig228ns


    Oct 5, 2005
    Too bad I won't do business with them anymore.
    I enjoy ordering a weapon, driving over an hour to the store only to find they didn't listen to me when i originally placed the order and therefore didn't get the weapon i had ordered. I didn't even get an apology for the screwup-the new method of customer service in America-THE CUSTOMER IS NEVER RIGHT.
  4. paccw

    paccw ARE YOU READY !

    Aug 18, 2004
    The 10% sale deal is telling me everybody is hurting for CASH.

    I do HVAC and we are seeing a big drop off this year.

    So you show up and they have the wrong gun.
    What did they say they would do for you to correct it? nothing?
  5. sig228ns


    Oct 5, 2005
    The guy looked at me with this dumb look and didn't apologize. I told them I wanted a credit back on my CC for the deposit i had to leave. The piece in question was discontinued by the manuf.
    This wasn't the first time i had a problem there but i will tell you it is the last.
  6. Hello paccw, long time no see.

    I hate posts such as this one and pretty much stay away from the forums anymore because of the misinformation that gets spread.

    BUT as usual the TRUTH always needs to be spoken.

    The firearm that was ordered was a Sig that had been discontinued by them and was no longer available. Sig. did however have several factory re-conditioned units available. The customer was called and told that fact and said he had been told the same thing from SEVERAL other dealers. We agreed to get one of the recon guns in for him to look at to see if he would be happy with the reconditioned or we would apply a FULL refund to his CC (HIS CHOICE). We got one of the guns in (it still sits here) and it appears NIB. Sig does a GREAT job on the recon guns. Customer came to the shop and desided he did not want the recon and wanted to continue to look to see if he could find a NIB unit. No problem, We DID apply a FULL refund to his CC and he left. No adverse reaction or discontent or anything.

    This is the SAME customer who said one of my guys attempted to sell him a Rock River AR under the false pretenses that it was as good as a Colt. The problem with that one the fact that we have NEVER stocked Rock River, it has always been an order only brand for us. That issue went down in the Black Rifles sig. here and even after posting our toll free number and me asking the customer to call me because I wanted to know WHO in my shop would do that when we don't stock RR. Customer said he would call me the next day, guess what? He didn't!!

    That is THE TRUTH.

    as for talking direct to sig228ns.

    At this point in time I see no reason to do so, we sell over 2500 firearms a year and I don't have the time to deal with someone who posts half truths on the net. I do however wish him luck in the future and thank him for stating that he will NOT return to my shop. I always have and always will bend over backwards for honorable customers and I will always do whatever I can to make sure my customers leave happy and feeling they got the best deal or atleast the best service they could get in the area. As for the rest? Monroe county seems to be overflowing with gunshops right now and they also need customers.

    Rich W.
  7. sig228ns


    Oct 5, 2005
    Actually Rich i stated the TRUTH. Fact is i called and specifically asked numerous times that what you would be ordering was in fact a NIB 228. I was assured multiple times by your brother( i thing he is same last name) that it was NIB yet when i showed up it was a red box CPO and not NIB.
    And I was able to purchase a NIB 228 from a dealer out of state. Thankfully this guy was able to get a NIB sig for me which oddly enough was actually manufactured by sig after I had placed my order with you. Fact was Sig did discontinue it however all existing outstanding orders where filled.
    As far as the other incident in your store the fact is I know what i was told by one of your employees at the time. I did try and reach you however when i called you were not avaliable and i don't have the time to keep calling nor did i wish to leave a message as my schedule is very busy as i am sure your is as well. I decided to let it go and give your shop another shot at a sale since a few guys i know do business with you. However i guess i was wrong to try

    I take offense that you are questioning my word and therefore my honor. Tell you what your employee and i should both take a polygraph and post the results. I will pay for it if the examiner says I am being deciptive if not you pick up the bill. So how bout it