War is a ugly thing, but ...

Discussion in 'Veteran's Forum' started by kawalerzysta, Jun 5, 2004.

  1. Couldn't paste whole passage, but I suggest to read whole quote to all "patriots" bashing our troop and our country. See attachment

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  2. I think you should slow down and reread the said attachment. It doesn't bash the troops or country... it says that those who are unwilling to fight or feel they have nothing to fight for are worse than war.

  3. Where did I said that that quote is bashing our soldiers and country? What I said that all so called "patriots" bashing our troops and country should read it and think about it. Its one of my my favorites qotes and I'm giving it to anti war crowd quiet often. On other hand I extend welcome to fellow Dragoon. Always Ready, Always First, War Eagle Squadron, 2nd Regiment of Dragoons
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    Here's the image.

    I agree with kawalerzysta.
  5. You are live saver :) I still have no idea how to post pictures ;a
  6. Ok, I see now how you meant it. Your post seemed a little broken up to me, maybe I misread it the first time. Sorry for any misunderstanding. BTW Fox troop mortars was my home for those years.
  7. OK :)^1
  8. That's one of my favorite quotes around. Nothing like that quote to shut up some damn hippy, of course a good buttstroke to the head of a hippy does the same thing and would make me feel a whole lot better. lol.
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    ;f ;z ;f
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    And I thought I was a old Dragoon! When I was with the 2nd, we had M1s, M3s & M109 howitzers.

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