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Discussion in '1911 Forums' started by mleroux21, Apr 7, 2012.

  1. When do you know you are a 1911 addict? I watched Warhorse and watch the dates 1914, 1918 and so on and I continually watched for a 1911 in the battle scenes. I kept thinking to myself why doesn't someone whip out a 1911 for some reason, any reason. But in the end no 1911. But it is a good movie nonetheless. I must admit that whenever I watch a movie I always love looking at a 1911 in any scene. It is to me, as American as a pistol can be.

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  3. You should love Steven Segal movies then. He always uses a 1911.
    I think by the time you ask if you are an addict... you are already.

  4. Even though Steven's press check is easy and convenient, it isn't particularly the safest.

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  5. Maybe no 1911's in Warhorse because the kid was a member of the British Army?
  6. Hahah. True now I feel like an idiot. Then why dont we change the thread to 1911 in movies.
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  7. Yeah I look for them too in movies :)

    Segal does like his 1911s, read he is pretty darn good with them in real life as well.
  8. I always look for them in movies.

    Besides that, I always try to identify any handgun in a movie.
  9. NeverMore1701

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  10. :rofl::rofl:

    I do like to see if I own the gun or not. ;)
  11. Guess I have been doing it wrong for years, why is press checking so dangerous? I've never had a problem and I was taught it by a old old cop who loved, shot, and worked on 1911's ...
  12. during WW1 Britain did procure and issue some 1911's. they were in the .455 webley auto pistol caliber and issued primarily to the Royal Air force and some to the Navy. The standard issue handgun of the Brits in WW1 was the .455 cal Webley top break Revolver. Ironically it was in .455 Eley caliber.
  13. Interesting...

    I didn't know that.
  14. I've never found a need to press check my 1911's.
    If it is on me it is loaded.
    If it is on my night stand it is loaded.
    I kind of laugh at the movie guys who are going into a bad situation and have to stop and do a press check.
    Don't you know if your weapon is loaded or not.
    Maybe when they were not paying attention someone thought it would be funny to remove the round from their gun.
  15. ipscshooter

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    In general, I agree that you should know. However, I have seen many competitors draw only to hear a "click". This is especially true with new shooters on multiple string stages. I did it myself, when new to the games.

    Most seasoned competitors always check the chamber, even after they rack one in the chamber. They remember the click in their early days.

    I have been carrying daily for years. Most times my carry gun is not unloaded at the end of the day. When I put it on, I always check. Better to KNOW it's loaded than THINK it's loaded.

    This way I'm damn sure it's loaded, and not depending on habit or my fading memory skills.:whistling:
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  16. FLIPPER 348

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    It's not and you have been doing nothing incorrect.
  17. Well I do know if my handgun is loaded when on my person. When I put it in the safe, I leave it loaded in a holster or in it's resting place and when I take it or any other handgun out, I check. I never pickup a firearm and NOT check it.
    Been wearing a gun for almost 23 years from revolver to Glocks to 1911's and everything gets checked...
  18. J4Cub

    My first 1911 was barreled in .455 Webley and had the British proof marks. Had it re-barreled in 45 ACP and lost the original.
  19. Great movie for sure. The only pistol I saw in the movie was the ugly revolver the British man was about to shoot Joey with.
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    I wonder where a Guy could go to get treatment for a 1911 addiction? :dunno:
  21. Sorry no treatment groups, only support groups. GT, 1911 Addicts are a few of them. Only problem is the support groups actually support the purchase of another and another 1911.


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