Want Your Ejection Problems Solved? Listen to Dave.

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by 3/4Flap, Feb 19, 2012.

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  1. Thanks bud!

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  2. This piece of the puzzle may have been entered into the thought process somewhere in the last 40 pages, but here is the differences I can tell between my Gen 3 26 (KPDXXX) and my Gen 4 G19 (SASXXX).

    My G26 has been flawless with strong positive ejection. It has the 336 ejector and the older extractor with a 3 next to the step.

    My G19 has been reliable but with an irregular ejection pattern. To the left, to the left, to the right, to the right, to the front, ..... I think there is a song in there somewhere. Anyways I have video of the spent shell casings bouncing off the front of my slide, my hat and everywhere in between. It has the 30274 ejector and the newer extractor with the 3 on the post.

    I have not switched extractors during shooting sessions as I just got the G19 not too long ago. I have swapped them out at my bench. The extractors fall freely out of my G19 but needs the slightest nudge to drop out of my G26.

    The newer extractor seems to have more "belly" along the top line. But the biggest difference that I can see is when I push on the front face of the G19 extractor towards the angle (gun assembled, slide closed), I can wiggle the extractor up and down a couple of mils. With the G26 when I push on the extractor the same way I can't seem to detect any movement.

    Based on this I would tend to think that either the slide has had too much material relieved or the extractors are slightly too small. I know this has theory has come up in the last several pages and was wondering if anyone else had compared or noticed this?

    I am not a gunsmith or claim to be one. I have only had my 2 of 3 Glocks for a couple of years now. If I need to take pictures/vid to better explain, let me know.

  3. 40 pages of useless information..... No mean to offend anyone but I have had 3 glocks in the past three years. Im just going off my personal experience.

    1st- Glock 17 Gen 3----------- Flawless
    2nd- Glock 19 Gen 4 RAG*** early 2011 production. Still has the 336 ejector ---Flawless

    3rd- Glock 17 Gen 4----------- PPR*** does not have the slide milled out where the recoil spring sits. still has 336 ejector------------Flawless

    Fanboy or not my glocks work and I dont even have to do all this hoopla to get them to "eject correctly". Im I the only one??????
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  4. Fire_Medic

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    It's posts like this that don't make sense to me. So your sample (3) of glocks works fine, brother I couldn't be happier for you, but does that mean that it's not possible for others to have issues?

    I'm a huge fan of Glocks, and even discounted some of the early claims, fast forward to 2-3 months ago when I bought my first Gen 4. Hasn't stopped to function, but after 2K plus rounds through it, the erratic ejection begins, and it sucks getting pelted in the face all the time, and having brass roll over the ejection port and land on your arm during a class, IDPA, training event, etc. I called Glock and their answer was we can send you the updated 0-4-3 RSA and the updated 30274 ejector, but wait, my Gen 4 G19 already has both of those parts, oh well send us the gun. I don't want to be without my gun for god knows how long, and I have changed a lot of stuff on my gun to include grip work, and would hate to lose it all if they decide I need a replacement pistol, over a part or two that are causing all this mess.

    Just because YOUR guns work, doesn't mean everyone else's do too, or that people are making things up, etc.

    Your gun works, great! Mine doesn't and many others are having similar issues as I, does that mean we are liars, limp wristing, work for another company, etc? :dunno:

    This is the first Glock I have owned that has given me issues, and it's been very frustrating having a pistol tank on you after a couple thousand rounds plus through it.

    Doesn't mean I'm out to belittle the company, their product, etc, but they need to get it together and figure out what the issues are, and fix them.

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  5. I don't have a problem with any of my Glocks but I would suggest that everybody on this thread who does, emails Glock.
    They make so many guns and like with everything else, some problems are expected. It is possible that they have no idea what percentage of owners are upset and might not know unless you guys let them know.
    Be polite and describe the problem in detail.
  6. I just picked up a Gen 4 23 today and shot it along with my Gen 4 19. For the first time in a LONG time I went the entire session without even thinking about nor noticing ejection and I didn't get bonked ONCE. Was enjoying the 23 so much that I forgot to even watch the ejection.
  7. This is exactly what I'm saying this thread should just read, "call glock and send your pistol in".

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  8. IMO you should get rid of your glock that doesn't work whether it be glock replacing it or you selling it. Then get a glock 19 that does work and we wouldn't have these threads.

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  9. With powers of reasoning sch as yours, I am surprised that you can write in sentences. Having your Glocks work is nothing to do with whether or not you are a fanboy and everything to do with the design and manufacture of the pistol and, in a few cases with the ammunition. You have been lucky and so have I, but clearly many people have ongoing problems with some of their Glocks which they don't have and have never had with others.

  10. What you call luck, I call just shooting my pistol normally. You say many people having problems?? Are you talking about the small percent of cry babies on this forum?? I know for a fact their are more people with working glocks then people with "problematic" glocks. Just because we don't come on here and start threads about how good are guns work. I'm done talking with you mindless people, take a defensive pistol course then come back on here and tell me how lucky we are to have working guns...

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  11. When real men like you get a pistol that doesn't work even after you have been on another defensive pistol course that teaches you how to hold a pistol and pull its trigger with live ammo, what do you do next? Do you just throw it away and buy another? And then maybe another? Do you sell it to someont without explaining that it doesn't work properly? Do you send it backwards and forward to Glock while they seem to have no clue about how to fix it after producing recoil spring upgrades and ejector upgrades that don't solve the problem?

    What percentage of guns that don't work properly do you think is acceptable? The people you cal cry babies are trying in the most constructive way they can to fix the problem which Glock should have fixed long ago. They might not be very good at it but they are a lot clever than you are who, on a sample of 3 Glocks that work can deduce that all Glocks work.

  12. Fire_Medic

    Fire_Medic Polymer Butcher

    That's the problem getting a G19 that works. So you have 3 guns that work, and the rest of us are cry babies........man you're hilarious.
  13. Fire_Medic

    Fire_Medic Polymer Butcher

    And the opposite is true, just because your guns work doesn't mean someone else's pistol does not.

    As for your comment about courses, what does taking a class have to do with anything? Taking a class with a malfunctioning gun is only going to show you how bad the pistol runs.

    What class would you like me to take that meets "your" standards of whatever is going on in your mind in J_P land?

    I have had 2 pistol classes in the last (2) months, another set for December, and I shoot locally every Thursday, (2) Tuesdays month, and on Saturdays when time allows. You think you're the only one around here that shoots.

    Does how much I shoot make me better than anyone? No it doesn't, and it definitley does not make me an internet expert on evaluating glock pistols with those who have issues with them. You're doing nothing here but being extremely rude to us "cry babies" and you're talking out of your rear end a lot so the flatulence is stinking up the thread.

    If it bothers you so much, hey man, Stay out of the thread!!! Leave us make believe cry babies to ourselves. What difference does it make to you whether my gun has issues or not. You're way off your rocker, Mr. I own 3 guns and took a class so now I know everything.
  14. to get back to the main theme here:
    a buddy bought 2 used Gen3. glocks. one G17 and one G19.
    G17 made in 2007, the G19 in 2000.
    the G19 works flawless with factory "336" ejector and factory non-LCI SLB/extractor
    the G17 had factory "336" ejector and LCI-SLB/extractor and spit brass everywhere including face, left arm etc.

    i installed a "30274" ejector in the Gen. 3 trigger housing of the G17 and a non-LCI-SLB/extractor and now the G17 works like the G19, absolutely perfect ejection, 5-7 feet to the right at 3-4 o'clock, last round 3-4 feet to the right at 5 o'glock.

    i suppose each cure is individually for each glock with erratic ejection probs, but non-LCI-SLB/extractor combo always helped a lot to improve ejection pattern on my own glocks and the glocks of some friends of mine.

    the "30274" ejector sometimes helps a lot, sometimes just does nothing to improve it and sometimes even makes things worse, here you have to try to figure out what is right or wrong for your indivual glock.
  15. Wow, just wow I don't know where in my past post I stated anything about "knowing everyone". Like I said before I'm no firearms expert, but I do have common sense like if I have a product that I purchased from a company that is not functioning properly. I will contact the company and demand the product be fixed or replaced. I seriously doubt a lot of the guys on here have even tried the above. That's it I'm done with this thread, keep wasting your time on these "backyard fixes" instead of really trying to solve the problem and contacting the manufacturer. PM me if you have anything else to say.

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  16. Fire_Medic

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    I don't have anything to say to you via PM, you came in here calling out everyone who had posted in the previous how many pages? And now when someone calls you out on your BS you want to back track. Like I said before I'm glad your pistols haven't given you issue, but that doesn't mean you're an expert at Glock malfunction diagnosis, nor does it mean that no one else's pistol could have issues. Since your pistols run so perfectly, why did you even post in a thread where folks are sharing information about what's going on with a company that still won't admit to there being any issues in the first place? Did your feelings get hurt because you love your Glocks and someone else might have said something to the contrary?

    FYI- I did call Glock, and I previously wrote what there response was, had you read everything you would know that, they want to send me a 30274 ejector and a 0-4-3 RSA, both of which are already in my gun. You have anything else "expert" to add here genius. It's people like you with your almighty all knowing attitude that have turned this forum into an argument forum instead of an information sharing forum.

    Again, since your pistol runs perfect, why are you in this thread to begin with? You have not shared one bit of information in here that would help anyone who is having issues with their firearm. Go jump in one of the other threads of those praising their "perfection", I have owned Glock pistols for many years, with many trouble free rounds, but this one is not reliable. If that somehow upsets you, then I don't know what to tell you. I'm not upset that your gun works, why are you upset that mine doesn't?:dunno:

    Coming blindly into a thread like this and starting with name calling is not very respectful is it? But then when you get called out you want to play the I don't know where to start card. You should have started by keeping yourself from writing anything in this thread, since you have contributed absolutely nothing constructive to it, and once again YOUR GUN WORKS! So go shoot it and let the rest of us figure out what we're going to do to get our guns to run like yours.

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  17. Bu-Bye:wavey:
  18. Back tracking???? Dude you wish you could call me out on BS. I highly doubt everything you say about fixing your guns!! If you had that big of a problem glock would have just replaced your gun. Just like they have for others. So now I'm calling bs on you.

    Edit: I forgot to add you calling me the all-knowing, glock loving end to all fanboys!! Yea guy that's me just going around disrespecting everyone, like I stated in my very first post I don't mean to offend I'm just giving my opinion on what people should do if they are having problems. Call glock and let them handle it, not you, him or bubba in the backyard.

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  19. Fire_Medic

    Fire_Medic Polymer Butcher

    So you "don't meant to offend, but you stated what I quoted above.......:upeyes:

    Now you think I'm making up issues I'm having with my pistol, that's the funniest thing I have heard all day.

    Since you can't read, or I should better say, you only read what is "convenient" for you to do so, let me re-cap for you:

    1) You come into this thread saying you have 3 Glocks and they all work so we are full of it (no round count given on any of these guns either, not that I would believe any round count you would give anyways)

    2) You say "I don't want to offend anyone" but then you go on to say we're mindless crybabies and we should take a defensive course....... :rofl: Really bro, taking a class has something to do with whether a gun malfunctions or not........:faint:

    3) I already stated what "my" issues were, and that I have contacted Glock, and their fix "for now" was to send me (3) parts that are already in my gun. My issues started with over 2K rounds through the gun. So I will swap the parts and see if it makes a difference (I doubt it) and go from there.

    Why should I ship my gun away to the manufacturer right off the bat? It's the gun I use the most and I have a lot of my own personal time into it with work done to it and parts installation, because I do my own work.

    You still have offered nothing to anyone on the subject at hand.....? :dunno:

    But you feel the need to keep coming back to "argue", just go away man, it's free of charge. Those of us having issues are wrong because your guns work, what the heck were we thinking :rofl:

    We should all just give our guns back on the first hint of an issue without trying to diagnose an issue, where we "might" find a resolution, which in the mean time keeps out firearms in our possession.

    Who made you the king of the say so on what the rest of us do with our guns? Like I said multiple times already, glad you're guns are working "properly", some of ours ARE NOT. So just go away and leave us be to figure it out. Your childish arguing solves nothing for anyone.

    Since YOUR gun works, WHY ARE YOU STILL IN THIS THREAD? :dunno:
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