Want a G19, November test fire date good ?

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by glockguns, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. Yes, I've read all the threads on the ejector/extractor issues on the G19 Gen 4. I've also read a number of good reviews. Hard to know what the percentage of good to bad is. One of the latest posts, mentioned that Glock is now putting the non-dipped extractor in the G19 Gen 4... who knows.

    Has anyone had a November 2012 test fire date and still have problems ? Or is it working fine ? Anyone get a recent one that has the non-dipped extractor ?

    Want to get one, but it sure feels like I need to take a leap of faith that it will work... or luck of the draw :)

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  3. Welcome to G T
    Not just Gen 4's also affects late release gen 3's.
    I have my own opinion on how to obtain a Glock that functions as one should,however if you wanted a Gen 4 it wouldn't apply.
    Seems as if now days you pays your money and takes your chances,sad but true. SJ 40

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  4. Please share !
  5. I just got 2 Gen4 G19s, test fired in October and November. One was made in Austria, one was made in the USA. Neither one likes PMC bronze ammunition but have ejected fine with everything else. Neither pistol has the strongest ejection but no brass to the face except with the PMC.
  6. Purchase any model Glock you would like just be sure it was produced prior to 12/ 06,some say 08 but I'm sticking to the 12/06 date.

    No MiMed parts they,depending on manufacture date will either be machined or investment cast.
    No BTF,BTH.FTF,FTE,they just work as a Glock should. SJ 40
  7. Have you got 1000 rounds through each? The guns are thought to get worse with wear, not better.

  8. +1

    This is the only way to guarantee success. The problem is in the finding of such a gun.

  9. I'm still leery about buying a new Glock. I have two Glocks from '04 and '06 and both are great.
  10. That's better then one that has problems out of the box.

    After 1000 rounds it's a wearing part issue, not how the slide was machined where the extractor slot could be out of spec.
  11. I keep hearing about the 06 and prior models being good as gold. Anyone take a look at internals of the 06 model with the internals of the Gen 4 models of today ? What the heck is the difference ? Did they change the production process (injection molded vs cut steel) to cut costs... causing these issues ? If they did change the design, then does the Gen 4 really shoot that much better than an 06 ? My guess is - no.

    The simple part of me says, Glock - take the internals of the 06 and wrap the outside of the Gen 4 around it !!
  12. G26S239

    G26S239 NRA Patron

    My last 3 Glocks purchased were an LCZ prefix 26 in November 2007, LYD prefix 27 in Sept(?) 2008 and an NGS prefix 17 in June 2009. No problems with any of them. The reason I no longer have the 27 is because I like the P2000sk and M&P40c better, it never gave any trouble.
  13. Yes some say 08 but I'm just not that trusting is all. Out of the Glocks I own the newest of the bunch is a May 06.

    I love my Glocks they just plain work,time and time again. SJ 40
  14. G26S239

    G26S239 NRA Patron

    So you just arbitrarily determined that 12/06 is the cut off date?
  15. For myself Yes. Some reported use of MiMed parts early 07,can I prove it, No but neither can I disprove it.
    What I can say is that all of the guns I have pre 12/06 have either machined or investment cast parts.
    Do all the Glocks I own function with what was once known as Glock Perfection, Yes.
    This works for me,you have to do what works for you. SJ 40
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  16. Bill Lumberg

    Bill Lumberg BTF Inventor

    On the Internet, you're taking a big chance. If you're worried about real world functionality, no worries from any test fire date.
  17. i have a UBB gen4 g19 with test fire date of november 9th. picked it up on the 14th of november I think. so far about 800 rounds through it, mostly 147gr lawman but a couple hundred rounds of 115gr federal champion just to test the weak stuff out. i haven't had an issue.

    just get it and shoot it if you want one. if you don't need it now and aren't comfortable buying one for fear of what you read online, don't buy one. it's really a pretty simple decision. there are enough fixes out there if you do have an ejection issue that you really shouldn't think so hard about it.

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