Walmart seems to be getting some new ARs again!

Discussion in 'Black Rifle Forum' started by Pecos Bill 1911, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. Pecos Bill 1911

    Pecos Bill 1911 Yippi-kai-yah!

    I was at my local Walmart this week and the gun manager said that they are getting about 6-8 ARs a week now. They got in two earlier that day (1 Colt 6920 and 1 BM), and both sold in less than 30 minutes. He also said that both were built within the last 30 days. Seems that they are getting some ammo in too, but unfortunately none for me that day :sad:.

    Best Wishes! Pecos Bill out.

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  2. Interesting!

  3. Yep starting to flow again. Max production is starting to refill the supply chain. Secondary market is dropping prices. And parts are showing up in small quantities online :)

    Second day in a row PSA has had barreled uppers in stock for $399 :)
  4. It varies. I've been waiting at this Walmart 6 hours a day for 7 days, they haven't got anything for 2 weeks. Across town they got 6 in last week. The one I'm at got 5 in 3 weeks ago, you can never tell the shipping is random.
  5. Got me a new 6920 at WalMart about a month ago. $1187 with taxes.
  6. For all the badmouthing Wal-Mart gets, I've got to give credit where it's due... I know two people that bought Colt LE6920's in the past month at our local store and in neither case was the price jacked up.

  7. Where are you located near these Wal-Marts ? I saw some AR's at a Wal-Mart outside of ATL back in the Fall. Haven't checked back since then.
  8. This is what's great about WalMart, academy ,etc. - their prices don't have a "gun store tax" on them. They can't.
  9. Received two DPMS ARs in today. :)
  10. Good Going Wal Mart. Unfortunately the Wal-Mart in my town doesn't stock firearms but does ammo. Thankful for that.
  11. Is that like a job for you? I mean that's a lot of hours each week. You could get a job using those hours, take that money buy a overpriced AR on the second hand market and still come out ahead on time I think. Plus a lot less waiting! :rofl:

    Unless of course you are buying for the direct intent of resale for profit, and of course that is not exactly something I would be broadcasting on the internet. :whistling:
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  12. None in at my local WalMarts in weeks in Central Iowa; I have been calling the 3 WalMarts that stock guns and none of them have gotten any for like a month!
  13. Sportsmans warehouse gets ars every saturday. If you call around 10 am they will tell you when the truck is coming. If it comes after close on saturday they will have ars for sale sunday morning. If you can hang out there most of the day saturday you will get one.

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  14. I second this. I have refused to waste my time in that manner. I gave up on wal mart in my area after they told me people hang out there daily for many hours hoping for a truck. The most i waited was an hour and i was guaranteed one when i did that.

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  15. Hey thanks Nick I did know about Sportsmans but the couple of Saturdays I tried I did not want to hang out for hours. My brother-in-law did get one at Sportsmans. I have a couple of AR's anyway but wanted to get a Colt 6920 and just missed out on a Colt at WalMart in Ankeny and Altoona. Altoona had a Colt and before I could get there it was gone.
  16. This is day 11. I'm the only one who waits on these and doesn't resale them, trust me this lack of supply is caused by the gougers waiting hours for the shipment. The government is trying to take these away so I will sit here everyday until I get the Colt le6920. Been looking over a month. All last week I would start at Academy's around 4am and I would still get beat at some of them by the gougers waiting at 3am or 2am but they didn't seem to get the Colt in. Only came across 2 AR's this whole time but they wherent the one I wanted. Went to a different Walmart Tues and they said they had the Colt le6920, I was so happy but it was the SOCOM model that costs $400 extra for upgrades I don't want that make it a lot heavier. I've easily put over 80 hours in trying to find it for normal price I can't just give up after putting that much time in!
  17. I actually planned since last summer to buy an m&p 15t around new years. It would have been my first ar. Then all this happened and my plan went to hell. I checked all three wal marts in central iowa that carries guns at the end of december and thats when i realized how grim the situation was. Then one sunday back in january i got a wild hair to be at sportsmans when they opened. Ill be dammed if i was number 10 in line and ended up getting a bushmaster carbon 15! I did the same thing a couple weeks later to get one for my fiance. I ended up with another one! Then i decided these cheapo carbon 15s werent what i wanted after doing a bit more research so i sold them both and am now building my own higher end unit built to be exactly what i want. Almost there! Just need a bcg charging handle and upper small parts kit! I was going to keep checking sportsmans in the hopes of scoring a sig ar also but i think too many people have caught on. I gave up on that a few weeks ago when all the ars were being sold to people that sat around there all day saturday.

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  18. Wow your dedicated thats for sure.

    How do you possibly fit that much time in with work/family and sleeping? :rofl:

    Hope you find what you want soon. :wavey:
  19. I dont, my days consists of finding this gun and reading up on whats going on in the government when it comes to gun control.
  20. You wouldn't happen to live near Lewisville would you?

    I've been hearing about a guy who is there at 4 AM on shipment days ready to buy AR's.

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