Walmart customer shoots, kills police officer...

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by RussP, Apr 6, 2012.

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    I'm assuming, by the article, the suspect was drunk; is there a question they were high on drugs besides drunk?

    Like was stated in the article, there is no routine call.

    Thoughts and prayers go out to the officer's family. :crying:



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  4. horrible. thoughts for the his family and friends.
  5. steveksux

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    Prayers for the family, hope the guy rots in prison before they fry him.

  6. What a terrible story. Thoughts and prayers to the officers family.
  7. Very sad story. Prayers for his family and loved ones.

  8. SCmasterblaster

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    It must be tough being an LEO.
  9. May be so. Not easy to be a child of one... just not sure Mom or Dad will come home today...
  10. Really a sad, sad story........
  11. I wonder if the two brave Walmart employees will get fired for doing the right thing?
  12. RussP
    Not to bust your chops but the title should be "Former police officer shoots LEO"! My prayers the the family of the LEO may God take him in his loving arms!:crying:
  13. HUH???????? It was a Walmart customer ,Not a Former police officer. Title is right.
  14. No store should be open 24/7. We all need our downtime. Just my opinion. Prayers for the officer and his family. Very sad news.
  15. RussP


    Do you have a link to that information?
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    If you search the local news sources for Austin, there are several articles. Here is one -

    I don't see any indication that the shooter was a former LEO. He did have a past problem with intoxication though. I don't have a facebook account, but you might find more info on him if you do. The link that I posted above includes a link to his facebook page, I think.
  17. For which they will be punished appropriately.
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    Not sure of the intent in posting under carry issues, but one item worth noting from a carry perspective is how quickly this went from a guy picking fights to suddenly shooting an officer who confronted him.

    One thing that I've noted over the many years...things can go from bad to tragic in a heartbeat. For those that carry, you should be prepared in dealing with that transition via training and practice.

    In this case, you have a trained professional...and even with his training and experience, he lost his life trying to protect and serve others. I'm sure the details will be analyzed as they become available...especially since it was captured on video. My prayers for him and the family that he left behind. Two daughters without their Daddy on Easter Sunday because some bastard took his life. That's truly sad.
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  19. <-- knows austin intimately

    not to take away from the officer's death, but acevedo is a pos who panders to the leftist leaders in austin and ties the hands of officers on the street who are reluctant to take the necessary action for fear of superfluous criticism/scrutiny and ultimately termination, litigation, and/or incarceration.

    rest in peace, officer.
  20. And so flows the waters of politics in Austin.

    Thoughts and prayers for the family and friends.

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