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  1. Understand the full time pay thing! We have a couple of former WA DNR guys with us now. They all loved the work, but the pay and being seasonal often sucks. What area of OR are you in, chief? I lived there a few years, and went to medic school there. A good friend of mine works for Albany Fire.

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  2. I'm in Klamath Falls.. south/central Oregon

  3. Medic for around 7 years now
  4. OEC (Outdoor Emergency Care) tech, member of the National Ski Patrol. Looking to further my EMS training for EMT certification sometime next year.
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  6. cfd630

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    Career Fire Lieut./Paramedic here in VA. Work as a Tactical medic on the SWAT team and now a Dive Medic on the Police Dive Team. Just got my first Glock after our team just switched to Glock from HK , all .40s.
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    18 yrs as a firefighter, 1 yr as Chief. We are a small rural dept here in Alabama . It has been the best 18 yrs of my life i love it ..
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    Career FF/Medic/Arson Inv. 26 years plus three years as a Volunteer FF. I also work per diem Ambulance/ER at a teaching hospital.

    I'm not teaching often since starting out my last medic class with a dose of reality. I asked why in the **** are you people wasting your time here. In two to four years you will have realised that this is a mistake. Get in the RN Program and in not much more time you will have a better paying job, better working conditions, more respect and a career path.

    Out of the eight that finished the class four are in the Nursing Program two years later. It feels nice helping shape young minds.
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  9. Just got my medic -- FF since 96, EMT since 99
  10. Retired (on a disability) firefighter/paramedic after about 27 years. Best job in the world bar none! I also taught fire science and the State firefighter II course at a local college.
  11. This area used to be busier if I recall... years ago. FF/Paramedic, 10 years.
  12. D25

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    Lt/Paramedic at a small combo FD.
    Still trying to figure out why we are called "Fire" Departments. For every fire we go to, there are 100 medicals and 10 technical rescues. I spend more time in a drysuit or a class 3 harness than in bunker gear.
  13. I've often asked that same question.


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