W.H. Releases Photo of Obama Shooting a Gun

Discussion in 'Political Issues' started by DOC44, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. aircarver

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    I'm thinking wimpy .410 ... :supergrin:


  2. first thing thing that came to my mind also... why no choke in the botton tube???

  3. engineer151515

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    He's a lefty?

    on second thought . . . of course he is.

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  4. aircarver

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    [ snort ! ]


  5. Zombie Surgeon

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    Chuck Schumer is one of the most ardent haters of our Second Amendment rights, only equaled by Feinstein and McCarthy.

    Here is Chuck the Schmuck shooting a gun:


    I would wipe my arse with the picture released by the White House but it's not worth to spend the ink to print it.
  6. Where is Chuckie's eye protection

    What does he have on his left wrist?

    Where is left thumb on the gun.... does that gun have an "out the back of the reciever bolt" like a Ruger MK II.

    Pix Op

  7. A choke don't normally stick out of the barrel, unless it's a ported turkey or tactical one. That just looks like the wad coming out of the top barrel.
  8. Nerf bullet.

    I joined the NRA, have you yet?
  9. might be too much smoke out of the barrel for the wad to still be in barrel:dunno:

  10. aircarver

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    We want to see him let off both barrels on a 12 gauge .... :whistling:

  11. Looked through Google Images...I guess they do make non-ported extended chokes for O/U shotguns. :dunno: That is weird it's only on the top barrel.
  12. I used a really good lens and it looks like Obama's finger is behind the trigger in that shot.. WTH, can he just will the gun to fire, I'm wondering?:shocked:

    But, like Schumer.. et al. of the cabal, the monkeys say you will shoot, you shoot... or else the Soros money stops.

    What a freaking production!

    (What I'm waiting for is some real footage showing 'Bummer' instructing his daughters and that lovely (huge) woman of his how to use the weapon defensively. Think that'll pop up soon?)
  13. Oh, golly, they are actually just like us. They must really have our best interests at heart. This certainly changes everything. I have been so wrong about these people.

    (Sorry, that is all the sarcasm I can mange and keep my breakfast down)
  14. This is their way of saying, "Look Muffy and Buffy, he is not going to take away your guns. He is going to take away the guns of those savages that show up at your range with pump shotguns."
  15. The day this lying SOB gets bounced like a basketball will be a great day for the United States if one is left.

  16. You know, I did wonder why the little pretender wasn't shooting a Colt Ar or M-4.

    Maybe appearing too 'manly' would upset a huge portion of his supporters? :whistling:
  17. Cavalry Doc

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    Funny. Now I'm all warm and fuzzy and he can have my scary black rifle. Uhhhhh. Not.
  18. Ruble Noon

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  19. Today's new breed of journalists always try the easy way first. Then they blame that source for their lazy ways.



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