Vote for Obama? Pinetop gun store says your business is not welcome

Discussion in 'Political Issues' started by Anglin_AZ, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. Spiffums

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    If he had a sign that said No Blacks or Mexicans he would be a horrible person but since he chooses to only sell to non-Barry voters he is a stand up guy.

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  2. Don't come into my store trying to spend your money. Brilliant.

  3. Last I heard, your vote was private and none of anyone else's business. Or isn't this my good old USA any more?
  4. I think an effort to polarize people is a bad idea. By making them your enemy you help ensure they don't adopt your beliefs.
  5. JimP

    Yeah - not like Barry Soetero "polarizes" people...huh?

    I like the shop owner on principle. He puts his $$ where his mouth is.

    and if you're wondering what Obama has done to take away gun rights, look no further than Chicago or google up John Lott's discussion with Obama on gun ownership. If you're still not convinced, just wait a few months and you'll see. If I am wrong, I'll gladly apologize to you and do the happy dance in the middle of main street.
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    Don't forget the Cali people fleeing the state they destroyed.
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    Ding Ding Ding!! We have a winner!! :thumbsup:


  8. Yeah, but his principles sound a bit dictatorial.
  9. Carrys

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    Yeah, we be bad people.:shocked:
  10. redbaron007

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    Now....that's the third time today I've been called bad or @55 wipe! :rofl: :animlol:


  11. Then while you're at it "google up" Massachusetts.
  12. The other day I ran into a local police officer I know, a great guy and not an Obama fan. He told me when he makes a traffic stop he asks people who they voted for, if Obama, you get a ticket, if Romney you get told to have a nice day.:rofl::rofl::rofl:
  13. faawrenchbndr

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  14. Fox

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    How many regular shoppers do you think would have voted for Obama. A minute fraction.

    Yes, there are some Obama voters that own guns, but the majority of those will buy a gun maybe once in their lifetime and maybe a box of shells once a year.
  15. Berto

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    That has been my experience too.
  16. HollowHead

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    If you answer "Gary Johnson," does he beat the crap out of you with his nightstick? HH
  17. That is absolutely beautiful. I love it.
  18. Stupidity on the part of one does not justify stupidity on the part of another.
  19. Yes he does, don't stoop to his level.
  20. I voted for Obama and I own more than one gun. In fact, I have many progressive friends who own guns and have no issue with the second amendment. It's conservative politics and close-minded conservatives that worry them and me. It's hate mongers who want to topple a govt. or question its legitimacy b/c they don't like the guy in the Oval Office that my friends and I don't like or respect.. It's Haters who question Obama's citizenship/nationality and right to be President that are a wast of time and as Un-Patriotic. It's not gun ownership that's the problem with the right, but pure ignorance and the lack of ability to accept irresponsibility for failure. Over 50% voted for Obama, more than the "47%" feared by the Right. I did not vote for a hand out, I've not gotten one, and don't expect the shwagg bag to arrive in the mail anytime soon.

    But you all have the freedom to type your mind and with the internet you continue to fool yourselves into believing conservatism has a place in America.... Keep writing to the converted it will ensure your ongoing failure.


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