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  1. Hey all. There's, I think, a relatively new Glock Armorer in Winchester, VA: Frederick County Firearms,

    I took my Glock 17 in yesterday because my slide was jammed. Harlan, the main shopkeeper, took the time to fix it and didn't even charge me--even after I told him I bought the gun at the new big box Gander Mountain nearby. He wasn't too happy about that, understandably, but he helped out me nonetheless and was really pretty cool about it, advising me in the future to buy from a specialty gun store.

    I bought an extra clip there for his trouble and because I can always use an additional magazine. All in all, I had a positive experience there and would recommend fellow Glockers to check them out.

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  2. There is a Dick's formally know as REI in Fair Lakes and one in Dulles Town Center (ammo, supplies, shotguns, long guns, no handguns).

    The Walmart in Fair Lakes has ammo and the Walmart in Leesburg sold both ammo and some shotguns, bolt actions, muzzleloaders.

    Silver Eagle Group (Sterling) just opened up.

    NRA range has ammo - no firearms (other then the For Sale board) and no rentals.


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    I thought i would add to this list. I bought my Glock 22 from Loudoun Guns. That place is awesome. They have the biggest selection of hand guns. And lots of them too. All new in box. I was blown away. I've been to some other stores in the manasses area...and Loudoun was awesome. I would definitely go back to Loudoun. I'm not talking trash about the other stores, i'm just saying i really enjoyed my experience at Loudoun Guns.

  4. They are a little overpriced IMO. Paid $760 for a G30SF with nightsights. They have most guns in stock so thats maybe where the value is.
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    Yeah, i would agree that they are more expensive than other shops. But, they do have great selection. So yeah, you're right. With higher demand, comes higher prices.
  6. My experience has been that this guy is a total, self absorbed jerk who does NOT give a rat's ass about his customers. Had bought serious items there in the past, later attempted a small return on a defective magazine and he essentially called me a liar, trying to get it to work after I described at length what was wrong with it and wanted to get a refund. Basically refused to help me and said all I could do was return it to the manufacturer since his distributor "wouldn't accept it back" which is nonsense. Distributors are interested in sales and most good ones would be more than happy to keep a good shop satisfied.

    He will never get my business again. Extraordinarily smug and happy to mark up ammo during the panic, but when the panic passes and he's short of customers this former regular will be happy to continue shoppin elsewhere. One of the few on my Never Again Blacklist. His attitude is Me, Me and How much money can I make and you lousy customers can take it or leave it, you need it I got it and if you want it pay me or tough s***.
  7. His prices are good, and he has some stock on good items and a nice clean store. That said, he manages to start an argument every time I have a conversation with him. The last time, after I told him I had scored some WWB 9mm from Walmart, he proceeded to tell me it was all junk, factory seconds, etc. The reason WHY I don't beleive that is for the volume WM sells, Winchester would have to have a factory running full tilt deliberately producing crap. Plus, ive never had a problem with it, accuracy or otherwise. Its legion of fans, especially here also tell the tale. He seems nice otherwise.
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  9. Sorry to hear that. My best experiences have been at Virginia Arms in Manassas and Swanson's in [H]oodbridge, although I have not been to the latter in quite some time. I also like Dominion Outdoors in Stuarts Draft, but that's a very long drive. It's beautiful that way though.
  10. I've gotten a few great deals from Bernie. One of the few shops I recommend highly.
  11. Silver Eagle Group in Ashburn (Loudoun County, Northern Virginia)

    44620 Guilford Dr
    Ashburn, VA 20147-6053
    (703) 723-4910

    They've also got 3 ranges and do classes.
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    We were in Smithfield today, stopped in at a place called Concealed Carry VA. Very small store but Joe is a great guy. He's a new store and trying to build his business. He hopes to open a range near Smithfield within a couple of years.
  14. Saw in another forum that VA Arms got its Class 3 license. NFA stuff (e.g., suppressors) to come in months.
  15. I have been faithful to Todd and his people since they were in a TINY shop next to Food Lion and Family Dollar in Stuarts Draft. They now have a building of their own they built in Fishersvile. Exit 91 {Fishersville Exit} then head towards s}Stuarts Draft. There will be a Sheetz on your left and a McDonalds on the right. About one quarter to one half mile on the left. Entrance is BEFORE the store. {Between them and the strip mall next door.}
  16. My wife and I have to give a good report for Superior Pawn & Gun in Virginia Beach. Great service, knowledgeable help, and their prices were better than anyone I found. We did happen upon them during one of their sales, but they can't be beat in my opinion. We purchased two Glocks from them, a 17 and a 32.

    They helped us with a holster choice, and told us not to buy some things, very honest and true. Both women and men salespersons. They made my wife and I very comfortable.
  17. If your ever in Appomattox County, stop in and see us at the Outpost Gun Shop on Rt.460. Its a small shop but we can usually get what our customers need, especially Glock related.
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    <!-- BEGIN TEMPLATE: ad_showthread_firstpost_start --> <!-- END TEMPLATE: ad_showthread_firstpost_start --> NOVA Armament grand opening is Jan 30

    I thought i'd update this thread with a new gun shop located in Herndon VA

    I hope they do well.
  19. We are definitely up and running!

    Please stop by and see us:

    NOVA Armament, LLC
    795 Center Street #4A
    Herndon, VA 20170
    Phone: 703-435-4222
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