Virginia Glockers report in..

Discussion in 'Glockers of the Old Dominion' started by epitome, May 10, 2008.

  1. First from Fredericksburg here!

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  2. DannyR

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    Hello from Smith Mountain Lake!

  3. Jeff82

    Jeff82 NRA Benefactor

    +1 on the Hampton Roads Glock meet.

    Newport News checking in!
  4. fubb

    fubb member nra

    another south manassas boy here
  5. Ok, now that all you Virginia boys have reported in, who amongst y'all open carry in our fine state?
  6. Sandston, just east of Richmond checking in

  7. I do but dont say anything about it due to the !@#$storm comments generated. :D
  8. i dont open carry but i did hit my ccw class as of today.. im game for a hampton roads meet...

    va beach
  9. Jeff82

    Jeff82 NRA Benefactor

    I do on occasion (like when I'm going somewhere and going to be in the car most of the time). And in restaurants :steamed: .
  10. Fairfax County home of the 2 hour traffic jam.
  11. Nicko


    Just checking in from the good old city of Virginia Beach!! Also, I want to give much love to Jerry at Superior Pawn and Gun on Virginia Beach BLVD!!
  12. Reporting from the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of western Amherst County.....VIRGINIA!! :thumbsup:
  13. has been great to work with. Not sure if he has one in stock, but I have purchased 3 guns from him. He has ordered all three and gotten them in short order. His pricing is very competitive. :cool:
  14. Linden, Va. here
  15. And its about to get worse when they begin construction of the HOT lanes on the beltway this summer---for the next 5-years no less!
  16. thats where i shoot im a member there lolz
  17. Guess I'm the first one from Yorktown....put me in for the Hampton Roads meet too!
  18. Bonk

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    Western end of Roanoke County here (Dixie Caverns area).
  19. Richard Simmons

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    I've lived here 14+ years and have never heard of The Armory. Where's it at?

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