Virginia Glockers report in..

Discussion in 'Glockers of the Old Dominion' started by epitome, May 10, 2008.

  1. New to the Glock, and to the boards. Just purchased my first G19 a couple of days ago and loving it so far. Checking in from Bedford Va

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  2. Hello from Chesapeake

  3. Loving Life watching it snow here On Apple Mountain Lake Linden, Warren county

    BOOSTED12A sequestered!

    SNOW! i wish the temp would make up its mind here
  5. Reporting in from Hampton
  6. Howdy from Giles County...

    Work at Va Tech....

    G-22, G-26

    Go Hokies!
  7. Welcome Airgap from Roanoke.
  8. new to the forum, new to glock, g23, hailing in from williamsburg
  9. whats up from LoCo, (loudoun county nova) i imagine yall are on VA guntrader right?
  10. :wavey: From Franklin County
  11. Hello from the Awesome blue ridge mountains.

    G 20 :perfect10: 10mm All the way Baby
  12. concretefuzzynuts

    concretefuzzynuts Brew Crew

    :wavey: From the beach.
  13. Richmond here. Raised in Lakeside, live in Chesterfield
  14. ProactiveShooters

    ProactiveShooters President / CFI

  15. I'm almost there...... Moving to Woodbridge, VA in a few weeks. I'm getting stationed at FT Belvoir.
  16. concretefuzzynuts

    concretefuzzynuts Brew Crew

    Never.... intentionally. :supergrin:

    Oh, and welcome. :welcome:
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  17. Fredericksburg checking in!
  18. Checking in here from the "ville". Mechanicsville that is
  19. A bit cloudy here in Gloucester today.
  20. Bedford here

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