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Views on EoTech's

Discussion in 'Black Rifle Forum' started by CHEF-LOU, Dec 29, 2010.



    Nov 4, 2003
    Southwest PA
    Considering putting one on my S&W M&P 15T. Thoughts on overall performance? What about the different models? Mainly concerned because of the differences in the batteries. Are the magnifiers worth investing in? Thanks in advance for your input.

  2. AK_Stick

    AK_Stick AAAMAD

    Jan 20, 2004
    Alaska, again (for now)
    I love my Eotechs. Much prefer them to Aimpoints for the natural heads up style, versus looking through the tube of the AP. I also like the circle with a center dot style of the EO better than the single dot.

    However, I will say Aimpoints defenitly win the battery life catagory.
  3. fuzzy03cls


    Jan 28, 2010
    What role will the rifle be suited to? Unless you are going to use your AR for long distance or precision, past 100 yards skip the magnifiers.
    I have 3 512's. I like the 512 because they take AA batteries, & using lithium batteries will yield use in the 6 month range. Batteries are easy to find as well.
  4. MrMurphy

    MrMurphy ********* Moderator Moderator Millennium Member Lifetime Member

    Jan 16, 2001
    Buried in the X-files
    I currently own two, because free beats no optic at all. But I am a diehard Aimpoint man and will be replacing them when budget allows. Used Aimpoints on duty. Sold Aimpoints at my last job.

    When you need it, the Aimpoint will be there. I like the Eo reticle, I do not like the Eo reliability/battery life. Far too many men i know have had EOs die mid firefight, or rolling out of the squad car on a hot call, or simply for no reason at all (battery drain).

    Compared to my personal experiences with the Aimpoint brand (snow, hail, rain, sandstorms, hard impacts.....3 years on the same battery).... no contest. I'll use one, but i'll never prefer them.
  5. faawrenchbndr

    faawrenchbndr DirtyThirty fan CLM

    Nov 24, 2005
    I like the reticle better than just the dot in an Aimpoint.
    However, I own an Aimpoint.
  6. mixflip


    Mar 4, 2009
    If I get an EoTech it would be for the lightning fast both eyes open capability of the HUD design. 1MOA dot with a 75MOA ring is FAST! I have my eyes on the EXPS model with the side mounted controls and the quick detach levers and transversely mounted batteries. The only thing I am not crazy about is the lower battery life compared to the Aimpoint. Other than that, I'd feel comfortable investing in an EoTech. If Aimpoint made a reticle like the EoTech I'd get the Aimpoint so for now EoTech has that market cornered.

    Borrowed pic from Google.
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  7. CAcop


    Jul 21, 2002
    At work we have them on our pool rifles. We have had just about every model of EOtech on our rifles in the 10 years we have run rifles. The N battery ones were annoying because the batteris are hard to find. The newer ones seem to be better. Battery life is short comapred to an Aimpoint but since they use AA they are easy to find. I have an astigmatism so it makes it really hard for me to use them. Those without vision problems like them. We turn them off when they are not in use and keep our BUIS up so if they do crap out there is little wasted time.
  8. cowboy1964


    Sep 4, 2009
    I spent considerable time researching red dots before shelling out $450. I went with the Optics Planet special edition of the EXPS2. I like the fact that it uses CR123A batteries (I have plenty of those because of my flashlights) and has the side-mounted controls. I LOVE the ring+dot reticle on EoTechs, I think that's the best thing going for a self-defense rifle. I also like the short length of the EXPS2 and the fact it has a built-in riser. I wish it were lighter though. Oh well.

    I do like the brightness dial and battery life on the Aimpoints better but overall the EoTech won. It would be nice to leave it on 24/7 but the fact is the EXPS2 has a 600 hour battery life so if I need that capability I can just change out the battery every few weeks.

    I may get a magnifier eventually, just for fun, but I have no idea which one. Probably not going to spend the $$$ on an EoTech or Aimpoint one though.

    You probably know that EoTech has an up-to $50 rebate until 12/31. Note that you do have to purchase from an authorized dealer though.
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  9. fuzzy03cls


    Jan 28, 2010
    Got any recent experience? Like from new models? & not N models(discontinued BTW)
    All I ever hear is battery battery battery when comparing an Eo to aimpoint. Yes the aimpoint does have tons of battery life I get that, but newer Eo's have a ton as well, & last easily 6 months on lithium's. All these battery drain/unreliable claims that I come across are from older models or N versions
  10. MARSH1

    MARSH1 Dealer Silver Member

    May 21, 2007
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  11. boomhower


    Feb 14, 2010
    North Carolina
    I have been going through the same thought process as you. I like the recticle of the EOtech but the battery life of the Aimpoint. You can get 40 CR123's from Amazon for $40 shipped, I can live with that. ~$20 a year if you changed them every month. If I had the cash right now I would by the OPMOD from opticsplanet but alas I need to pick up a failzero BCG first.
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  12. JDurfee


    Jul 11, 2009
    +1 on Primary arms. I just ordered a pile of YHM stuff from them and they were excellent. Prices are VERY reasonable also. I'm gonna try and scrap the loot together for either a 512 or a xps-2
  13. TedG

    TedG Infidel USA

    I have both Eotech and Aimpoint (552 and an H1). I think the 552 is great for CQB distances, but the Aimpoint is more comfortable for distances. The Aimpoint dot is smaller and appears more precise. In either case you can't go wrong as they are both excellent optics.
  14. Hedo1


    Oct 1, 2007
    SE Pennsylvania
    I have two 512's. They are durable and hold zero well. I find the reticle fast and easy to acquire.

    I change the batteries 3 X per year and turn them off when it is in the gun safe. I have Buis on my AR's and keep them up until I turn the Eotech on.

    Aimpoints are great and I like them too. For me they are slower to get on target so it's more of a personal preference in my case.
  15. cowboy1964


    Sep 4, 2009
    A 1 MOA dot on an EoTech (at the proper brightness) is by no means "not small enough".
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  16. bigdollars


    Oct 16, 2007
    Thank you everyone for al the info on these products. I have just 1 m4 rifle and have been banginb my head against the wall for a long time trying to figure out what optic/red dot to get. ACOG's with the red dot seem great but cost more than the rifle, eotech's seem great because of the price point and the width of the sight picture, the aimpoints seem great because of the size, weight, and battery life.

    I still don't know what I am going to do but really appreciate the info you are all providing.

    MAJINKONG Sr. Member

    Dec 24, 2002
    Free Flood
    Me too... All infos are appreciated.
  18. cowboy1964


    Sep 4, 2009
    If this helps, I went with the EoTech because it seemed to be the better choice for a short-range defensive AR where battery life isn't much of a concern. I just really prefer the larger, rectangular window and the 65 MOA reticle. The fact that it was also a bit less expensive was a plus and the mount was included.
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  19. FatBoy

    FatBoy Millennium Member

    Sep 2, 1999
    Have you ever used one?? Do you have in an Astigmatism in your eyes? I like the EoTech, but w/ my Astigmatism the optic is about useless. On the other hand, Aimpoints don't have the same issue w/ my eyes. It's hard to explain, but that little 1 MOA dot looks like a 50 MOA football to me, while the Aimpoints look like a dot w/ a little comet tail(very small). Oh, other people looked through it and it looked like the pictures you see. So, I guess that's my only comment if you have that condition in with your eyes.