Very Rude/Bad Experience at local Gun Shop yesterday! SW Missouri

Discussion in 'Gun-Parts & Access.' started by bbeach, Feb 17, 2008.

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  1. I guess this has been going on for a long time and I kinda have to believe that for this many negative comments concerning the guy's shop, it must be that bad.

    Steve sounds like someone who is drunk on his own "wine", meaning he feels he can do whatever the hell it is from a business/customer relations standpoint because he has no one to answer to except himself. Steve could probably be doing soooo much better for himself moving himself towards an earlier retirement and such, but he does not see the big picture and that is the business damage he does. What re- enforces the attitude is with the current off the charts business in the firearms world, he can do no wrong. Hence "drunk on his own wine."

    What comes to mind for me and this story is a small Orvis dealer that is somewhat near me. I was just learning about fly fishing gear, thinking that I might want to give it a try and wondering about how much the initial basic cost would be. So I stopped in to get educated on prices, equipment and such. Turns out the guy's BIL and I worked for the same 2 companies at the same time in the same career field and he stopped in while I was there. What a coincidence.

    I'll probably never shop in the store again. What could have happened that has made me say that? The owner flat out tells me, "what ever you do, if you go and buy equipment from one of the big box stores, don't ever come back to here to shop or have it repaired." Guess what I did? I now shop at the big box stores exclusively and I know just who I should talk with when I go there, a knowledgeable salesman who put me in a position to buy the right equipment that got me started.

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  2. 2-8 Marine

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    I agree that being polite and courtious is the best policy whenever dealing with ANYONE.
    However, etiquette certainly doesen't demand asking PERMISSION and its hardly presumptuous for a customer to simply say they are just browsing. The OP wasn't rude or out of line as was the store owner, and not for the first time I might add. This guy sounds like a PITA who has forgotten, or never learned that he is there to serve his customers who by purchasing his goods, feed him and his family. And, yes I agree you are a guest in his shop. And as such the owner has a responsiblity to treat you, the customer, as a guest as long as the customer is civil. That dosen't include provoking a confrontation simply because he felt his little kingdom had been disturbed by someone just looking. By the way, if I'm not mistaken, the OP asked several times whether or not the phamplets were free for the taking and the owner simply used this as an excuse to act like an ass entertaining his jag-off cronies.

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  3. I can't stand rudeness in a man. I hope you do share that story with as many as you can. He does not need to be serving the public. Put him out of business.:crazy::shame:
  4. First I've ever hear that you have to ask if it's ok to browse around in any open shop.

    Brochures aren't merchandise, never seen a price tag on one.
  5. If you do a search for his store and read the Google reviews, you will see that this is par for the course for this guy. Judging from what the others say, this guy is just an a$% hole.:dunno:
  6. RichardB

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    Just so long as he can stay in business with his current cash paying customers the opinions of outsiders are not important.:tongueout:
  7. 2 words about steve hill billy
  8. 2-8 Marine

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    Well, enjoy the donuts . . . :whistling:

  9. What you describe is correct...If you were entering Steve's home and rummaging through his safe. You are also correct that you are a guest in the shop, and the onus is on the owner to treat the potential customer as a welcome guest. But this only applies in a business that actually wants to stay in business, I avoid "Gun Club" shops, if only because I don't want to hear all the know-it-all drivel. There are plenty these type of shops out there and never grow past selling a couple shotguns and revolvers a week.

    I've never "asked" for permission to look around a place of business that had a display area and was open to the public.
  10. Sorry reply to an old post
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  11. NCGTer

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    I guess I'm just "piling on" at this point but I just wanted to say that I went to my local gun shop today where I've purchased no less than three (expensive) firearms in the last 6 months. Man, I was treated like DIRT today. I couldn't believe it. All my old buddies behind the counter were gone and there was like five slow-eyed mouth breathers behind the counter and they made me feel like I was sucking up too much of their air and I should just LEAVE. So I did .... and I'll never go back. This is a major dealer in NC and it rhymes with Buns and Bold. This hurts my feelings because I was also ready to take their CCW class. ... They sure lost a lot on money from my business. Forever.

    Right now is the time for Firearms Dealers to rake it in .... why are "they" suddenly hiring the lowest common salesmen?
  12. RichardB

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    NCGT, Sorry to read that. Despite the drive from Fayettenam it has been one of my favorite Gun Stores and source of glock stuff. It seemed crowded when I last drove by during the holiday season. Just hold your breath a couple of months and some of the staff will change, again.
  13. I also live in nixa and have had a similar experience with Steve , unbelievably rude. They should make a reality show about this place as that is the only other place I have seen a bigger bunch of A-Holes
  14. Your first post. Did you register just so you could complain about Steve's?
  15. Stumbled across the thread online, yes that's what prompted me to join. I do however own 2 glocks...
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    Welcome to the forum. :wavey:
  17. I live in a small area. Only 3 gun shops. I go to the polite one.

    Except now there are only 2 gun ships. Because the rudest one went out of business.

    It comes back to them, eventually.

    A rude man is a small man.
  18. Sorry but the customer is always right, especially if you want to stay in business.
  19. Most people expect you to buy something when taking brochures which are not all "free". Some are free but others are sent at a cost to the dealers.
  20. That's a silly expectation for them to have though. Brochures are used to educate yourself about the purchase you're going to make, so why would you take them after making it?

    I've never shopped anyplace where the free manufacturers brochures were tied to a purchase in any way. My LGS always has a display with 10-12 brochures and there's never a stigma.

    It's just like providing coffee or snacks for customers. An expense you eat to create a more welcoming atmosphere. It's just unrealistic business to expect everyone who has a cup of coffee to buy something.

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