VEPR 12 AK Pattern Shotgun Review

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by plouffedaddy, Oct 28, 2012.

  1. Can a fully loaded mag be inserted when the bolt is closed with a round in the chamber? I counted 6 shots in some of Plouff's videos.
    I remember reading that this could not be done with the Saiga 12 shotguns.

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  2. Yes. It doesn't require any additional pressure either.

  3. Nice review.

    I don't believe that notch in the bolt carrier extension has anything to do with the gas system. I believe it is to provide a tool for removing the gas piston/puck. If that notch wasn't there, you would not be able to remove the gas puck without making your own custom tool.

    The gun runs fine on factory 8rd Saiga-12 mags that were intended for the mag-well equipped Saigas. See below.

    Tony Rumore

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  4. Tony,

    Thanks for the heads up on the mags. Does the BHO feature work with those mags?

    I should have been more specific there. What I was trying to say is it's different than the standard AK piston due to the gas system (to include the puck).
  5. Yes. The S-12 magwell magazines have the BHO provision in them and operate the Vepr BHO device just fine.

    I haven't fired my gun more than about 10 magazines, but I have not had any trouble with the auto BHO.

    And I will agree with you....the Vepr-12 is a very nice detachable box fed gun. They did a nice job building it. Tromix will be making some goodies for it and of course the standard SBS work.

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  6. Any thoughts on SGM mags for the VEPR 12 regarding durability & reliability?

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