VEPR 12 AK Pattern Shotgun Review

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by plouffedaddy, Oct 28, 2012.

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    Well, Molot finally got through all the US legal import related red tape and their VEPR 12's are on American shores and in American's hands. The gun arrived dripping with some sort of preserving lubricant in a cardboard box with 1 factory 5 round magazine (higher cap mags from SGM are on the way). I unboxed it yesterday, cleaned/lubricated it, and started putting rounds through it. So, far I've got 250 rounds of various ammo (#4 buck, #1 buck, 00 buck, slugs, and some low brass range ammo) with 0 failures of any kind. Here's some of the features of the gun along with what I've found...

    -100% reliable thus far
    -Hinged dust cover with a 1913 rail. I mounted a red dot and opened/closed it repeatedly and it held zero
    -The action is extremely smooth; much more than any Saiga 12 I've ever shot
    -Original Molot polymer grip. Much more comfortable than many AK factory grips out there
    -Molot self-regulating gas system. This one's key to the 'why is this better than a Saiga 12?' question. Izhmash has a version of this system but reliability reports are still hit or miss with the low brass ammo
    -Original Molot competition magazine well. Allows for fast reloads eliminating the need for rocking and locking the mags
    -Molot factory AK adjustable rear sight. This is essentially a beefed up RPK rear sight
    -Molot original AK enhanced safety lever. It allows for easy disengagement of the safety when shouldering the gun
    -Cost. The gun is available many places for $1000. Considering what it costs to buy a Saiga 12 and convert it to this configuration that's not too bad
    -Factory chrome lined barrel, chamber, receiver shaft and gas chamber
    -Factory threaded barrel. Treads are the same as the Saiga 12 so there are lots of brakes/flash hiders available
    -The fit/finish are superb. It's as nice, if not nicer, than any AK platform gun I've ever seen
    -Machined bolt assembly, gas blocks etc. As far as I know there is no MIM on this gun at all. Every part feels very solid

    -Bolt hold open feature doesn't function on the gun 100% of the time (see video below for a better explanation)
    -The safety was so tight from the factory that it was almost unusable. I fixed it with a little filing but just beware you may need to adjust it a bit

    Here's a video review where I test out the gas system, do some shooting with slugs from 100m, disassemble/assemble the gun, and discuss some or the features of the shotgun:



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  4. already converted, self regulating gas system , reliable , no rock and lock

    heck sign me up
  5. KennyFSU

    KennyFSU What to wear...

    I need to sell my S12 for one. Good review.

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  6. Can the VEPR 12 use Saiga 12 SG magazines and drums?
  7. KennyFSU

    KennyFSU What to wear...

    No, they are different.
  8. Thanks.

    SGM Tactical is making 10 and 12 round VEPR mags (US parts as well) and I'm guessing we'll see a few more companies jump on the boat as these guns grow in popularity.
  9. fnfalman

    fnfalman Chicks Dig It

    I definitely will have to add this mutha to my stash. I won't trade my converted Saiga 12 though.
  10. I have one ordered, too, from Atlantic Firearms in Maryland. I cannot wait to try it out. I have a Saiga 12 Tactical, already.

    Something happened with my order. Anywhere else I can buy one?
    #9 CDR_Glock, Oct 29, 2012
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2012
  11. Very cool :cool:
  12. RWBlue

    RWBlue Mr. CISSP, CISA

    Talk to me about groups at 100 yards with slugs.
  13. I was gettting around 7'' with Federal on a very windy day (hurricane Sandy was right off shore and I shoot near the beach).
  14. RWBlue

    RWBlue Mr. CISSP, CISA

    Is that with a cylinder choke and no bench?

    I am thinking the cylinder choke is going to give a VERY big pattern of buck at 100 yards, correct?
  15. Well, iv always wanted a Saiga12. Now I really really want a Vepr.
  16. So big that hits would be pure luck. Even if you did get hits, buckshot pellets aren't gonna have much ooomph left at that distance. 40 yards is considered a long shot with buck.
  17. Well you stumped me there :dunno: However it comes from the factory (can't find it on their website) is how I was shooting it from the prone.
  18. eracer

    eracer Where's my EBT?

    Me like!

    I think I'll sell my Polish underfolder (which I've never bonded with) and get one of the VEPR 12's.
  19. RWBlue

    RWBlue Mr. CISSP, CISA

    There is no screw in choke, correct?
  20. Correct.
  21. I got to shoot one on Sunday.


    Sweet! Owner let several people shoot over 100 rds of various ammo, with no malfunctions. He said Surefire supposed to be selling 10rd mags for about $40.

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