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Valentino Rossi is incredible on both two wheels AND four wheels

Discussion in 'Moto Club' started by fnfalman, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. fnfalman

    fnfalman Chicks Dig It

    Oct 23, 2000
    California & New Mexico, US
    Check out his time on the F1 Ferrari:

    01 F. Alonso Renault 1:11.219 52 laps
    02 J. Button Honda 1:11.327 89 laps
    03 M. Schumacher Ferrari 1:11.831 72 laps
    04 JP. Montoya McLaren 1:11.998 68 laps
    05 R. Barrichello Honda 1:12.062 112 laps
    06 H. Kovalainen Renault 1:12.113 29 laps
    07 J. Villeneuve BMW 1:12.619 78 laps
    08 R. Zonta Toyota 1:12.660 88 laps
    09 V. Rossi Ferrari 1:12.856 52 laps <----------------------
    10 D. Coulthard Red Bull 1:12.930 36 laps
    11 A. Wurz Williams 1:12.925 82 laps
    12 G. Paffett McLaren 1:12.937 116 laps
    13 M. Webber Williams 1:13.050 67 laps
    14 J. Trulli Toyota 1:13.076 105 laps
    15 R. Kubica BMW 1:13.332 65 laps

    Last Updated: Thursday, 02, February, 2006, 12:19

    Michael Schumacher has given Valentino Rossi the thumbs up after the Italian's impressive performance in testing at Valencia on Wednesday.
    The multiple bike champion proved he could run with the Formula 1 pack, by setting the ninth fastest lap of the day, just over a second slower than Schumacher himself.
    And while Rossi clearly still has time to find, Schu said that the Yamaha star had proved he could cut it in F1.
    "He has enough talent to succeed," Schumacher told French newspaper L'Equipe.
    "It's entirely possible for him. I'd even say it's easier to go from motorbikes to cars than the reverse.
    "And when like Valentino you have this special feeling on two wheels you can easily use that with four."
    Although Rossi has tested for Ferrari several times in the past, his presence at Valencia this week marks the first time he has run in competition.
    His three-day run began inauspiciously after he was pit-bound for much of the first day because of rain and then spun when he finally got out on track.
    But Schumacher dismissed the error out of hand however.
    "When a driver sets off with wet tyres they cool down straight away and it's easy to skid," he said.
    "For him it would have been like driving on ice."
    Schumacher admitted that Rossi's appearance at Valencia had provided the press with a welcome diversion, which had allowed him to concentrate on developing the new 248 F1.
    "It's a strange experience to see all the attention focused on him," he added.
    "It's a welcome novelty. It's better as it's easier for me to get on with my job."

    Valentino Rossi impressed in his first full Formula One test on Wednesday at Valencia.
    The MotoGP World Champion, who had only tested behind closed doors for Ferrari prior to this week's Spanish outing, put Tuesday's spin behind him with a solid display.
    Rossi span on his first lap at a wet Valencia on Day One but improved on Wednesday to complete 52 laps.
    And despite spinning twice he still managed a time just over a second slower than lead Ferrari driver Michael Schumacher.
    "It was a very good performance, we cannot deny it," said a Ferrari spokesman.
    "People who said that yesterday (Tuesday) was a flop, today changed their mind."
    Meanwhile, World Champion Fernando Alonso set the fastest time of the day for Renault - a 1:11.219 - which put him 0.108 seconds ahead of Honda driver Jenson Button.
    Schumacher was third fastest, a further 0,504s adrift. His programme for the day focussed mainly on the development of the 248 F1.
    Juan Pablo Montoya was next in line, finishing 0.167s behind Schumacher. The McLaren driver's work focused on achieving long runs with the MP4-21, but because of the number of team's on track this was subject to two red flag interruptions caused by other drivers.
    Rubens Barrichello, Heikki Kovalainen, Jacques Villeneuve and Ricardo Zonta completed the top eight.
  2. ChaZ

    ChaZ Millennium Member

    Feb 22, 1999
    Capitol Heights, MD
    I also read somewhere in a bicycle magazine that Rossi V. also competed in Rally race and he came in second while the world champion rally racer came in 3rd.


    He's our next Steve McQueen. I wonder if he can act?


  3. D25

    D25 The Quick

    Jan 26, 2003
    Damn, what a stud!

    He just has that go-fast gene.
  4. fnfalman

    fnfalman Chicks Dig It

    Oct 23, 2000
    California & New Mexico, US
    Some skills do translate easily such as dealing with high speeds, cornering lines, braking, etc. But still, that's very impressive for a guy who had never driven a competition car before. I'm sure that he had some trainings and such, but I don't recall he had ever raced in a car before.
  5. I don't think he has competed before, but he has a lot of track time on both 2 and 4 wheeled vehicles.

    Obviously the track time and competition on 2 wheeled vehicles made the transition to 4 wheeled ones much easier. An impressive feat no matter what. :)
  6. I meant to say competed in 4 wheeled vehicles.

    Sorry, it's been a long day and I'm tired.
  7. BOBK48


    Oct 21, 2005
    Rossi would do well in F1. History will repeat itself. You guys ever hear of John Surtees? He was a World Camp Motorcyclist and he drove for Ferrari.
  8. Gratiot


    Feb 3, 2006
    As excited as I am to see his results, they're pretty misleading. Driving a 2004 spec car, he had a drastically more powerful engine and aerodynamics/downforce package than anyone else out there. The engine was reportedly detuned with a revlimiter, but it hasn't been reported if it was detuned to 2006 specs.

    Regardless, if he goes F1, he'd be the greatest media sensation imagineable for F1. Hell, I'd start watching it. Especially if him and Biaggi go at it there!

    I'm not sure how beneficial his braking skills would cross over. Going from a bike braking so much farther out than a car, thats a pretty significant mental barrier to break. Than again, he is Rossi!

    Oh he has been a prominent Ferrari tester since 2004, with several private outings in there F1 cars. Also he's been driving competition cars for quite a long time. Including racing karts, rally cars, and a scary M5(?).