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VA-ALERT: Here comes the sun, Free Lance-Star!

Discussion in 'Glockers of the Old Dominion' started by TScottW99, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. TScottW99

    TScottW99 NRA Life Member

    Jul 15, 2002
    Roanoke, VA
    Or a good subtitle would be, "Nancy S. Moore, Managing Editor of the
    Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star, this is YOUR life!"

    A few weeks ago I spoke to an editor at the Free Lance-Star and told
    him that VCDL was going to use its own First Amendment rights to make
    life miserable for the Free Lance-Star's staff in retaliation for
    printing the names of concealed handgun permit holders and the names
    of the permit holder's street.

    We then stood down, hoping that the Free Lance-Star would simply drop
    the practice.

    Surely they would have enough commonsense to realize that printing
    the names of CHP holders was a bad idea, endangering the lives of
    good people, telling criminals where to get guns.

    But commonsense is in short supply at the FLS as they have just
    printed the names of new concealed handgun permit holders AGAIN! The
    Free Lance-Star has repeatedly drawn first blood on this issue, and
    we are fed up.

    We are going to begin with the private life of Nancy S. Moore (whose
    private information I expect will be fleshed out even more over the
    next couple of weeks). Then we will work our way down the line to
    the other editors and managers of the paper.


    In tandem, we are now prepared to send a MASSIVE email blast from all
    of you (ala the General Assembly type email arrangement) to the
    Chairman and the President of a large Fredericksburg car dealership,
    Rosner Stafford Toyota! There are almost 6,000 of you out there, so
    this should be real interesting for Rosner. ;-)

    As time progresses, we are going to repeat this process for every
    major local business that advertises with either the Free Lance-Star
    or their radio station, WFLS.

    We will continue pressuring the FLS's advertisers, as well as
    publishing more and more personal information about the FLS and
    WFLS's management until FLS stops their practice of printing the
    names and streets of permit holders.

    If they stop, we stop.


    only asking for help and leadership!**

    Click on the line below. You can edit the pre-written message or
    just send it as is:


    AND NOW FOR NANCY - Publish far and wide!

    [If you decide to contact Ms. Moore, be firm, but polite]

    The Free Lance-Star has decided that they would like to continue with
    what we at VCDL think is the very bad practice of publishing
    concealed handgun permit holder's names and addresses in their paper.

    Well, we don't want the Free Lance-Star to feel left out of the
    sunshine that they so dearly want to shine on law-abiding citizens,
    so we've decided to start letting the rays of public information
    shine on the paper's staff.

    Today we'll start with Nancy S. Moore, Managing Editor of the Free Lance Star.

    Nancy lives at 314 Princess Anne St. in Fredericksburg, Virginia 22401.

    Her home phone number is 540-373-2973.

    Nancy's house was built in 1826 and is 2,583 square feet. The
    foundation is masonry and the exterior walls are brick/stone.

    Nancy's house has a total of six rooms including 2 bedrooms, two full
    baths and three fireplaces.

    Gee, Nancy. I hope you have inserts in those fireplaces, you wouldn't
    want all the heat going out the chimneys!

    There's a full basement with a total of 720 square feet and the
    finished portion is 540 square feet which leaves 180 square feet

    Maybe a closet could be added?

    Outside of the fireplaces, the house is heated with natural gas and
    hot water. Sewer is public underground. And, thankfully, Nancy's
    house, which was built in 1826, has been upgraded with
    air-conditioning for those hot summers in Fredericksburg.

    On the financial side, for 1999 the total tax value was $214,000 and
    2007 saw a very small increase to $217,300 (!).

    That reflects a land value of $48,000 and an improvement value of $169,300.

    We've added a picture of Nancy's home for those who might be curious:

    This is just the start of our campaign of sunshine on the Free Lance
    Star. I expect we'll have more interesting tidbits about Nancy,

    In the meantime, we hope you've enjoyed lighting up Nancy's life as
    much as we have!
  2. I only live a couple of blocks from Nancy. I should stop by one day when I am walking with my wife and 2 year old son and have a nice conversation with her. BTW, I emailed Rosner and added that I will be in the market for a new vehicle soon and will not support a dealership that regularly advertises in the FLS. I hope some others take the time to do the same.

  3. Here's a map... LOL,0.016308&om=1&iwloc=addr
  4. Catbird

    Catbird loves guns!

    May 21, 2001
    V I R G I N I A
    Does anyone have a recent pic of her that they can post?

    How about posting her driving record, court records, etc.?
  5. varetfed


    Jan 26, 2007
    I reside in Fredericksburg and too have been disgusted by the Free Lance Star (FLS) posting information regarding individuals with Virginia Concealed Handgun Permits. I support the efforts expressed in this thread and will join in by sending emails to business which advertise in the FLS.

    Let's put an end to this like the folks in Roanoke did with the local paper there. Thanks to those who initiated this effort.