USPC 9mm - not popular?

Discussion in 'Heckler & Koch Forum' started by Glock 1, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. cgff

    Always wanted a USPC stainless, 2 months ago looked at a P30
    Put the P 30 on Layaway, Now own a P30 and a P2K post up when the USPCs are available, the mags interchange with the P2K. Any of those USPCs Stainless slide?

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  2. Dude how do people not want a USPC? I bought a used full size USP 9 and its my best/favorite pistol I own. If you really want one sold, give me a good price or throw me a link to your GB ad.

    I had the opportunity to get a used police trade in for 500 bucks locally and had to pass since funds didn't allow it lol. They are one of my favorite pistols. Any H&K in my book is the best polymer pistol around.

    The only reason anyone compares them to a Glock/M&P is because they haven't had enough time playing with one lol

  3. Evidently, my poor attempt at humor failed.

    WT wrote; “Why spend big bucks for a mere 9mm pistol?”

    Bac wrote; “Would you kindly explain to me exactly what in the hell you're talking about?
    That sounds asinine, quite honestly”

    So, I quipped, quite lamely, a sarcastic reference to the effect, if a “mere 9mm pistol” was not worth spending “big bucks” on then, WT must believe that “big buck” would only be justified on big calibers. A 500 S&W magnum is the largest caliber in handgun, that I am aware of, that is manufactured by a major company.

    I agree with Bac’s statement that WT’s statement is asinine. I have fully customized Browning Hi-powers and Colt 1911’s, in 9mm, that have cost me several thousand, each., which I feel confident WT would call “big bucks”.

    For all sorts of reasons, I prefer H&K, Sig, Rohrbaugh, Seecamp, etc. auto-loaders and custom handguns. I only own two Glocks (I do not care for Glocks, so my Glocks sit in a vault) and typically, I do not waste my money on any firearm that is not top quality. Being cheap is not a trait that people ever ascribe to me.

  4. Wow, this thread blew up. lol

    I turned down the USPc's and currently waiting on several P30's to come in. Could be a few weeks as my distributor is way behind in shipping. I have 21 various other guns or varying models coming in next week. I hope to help arm our US populace one gun at a time. The more guns I can get into the hands of law abiding citizens the better.
  5. I want a compact P30! The standard is just too large and heavy for my taste for carry purposes. I always end up carrying the Glock 19 and 23.

    USP Compacts sell just fine if the price is right. Yes they are older but they still feel great in the hand... at least in mine.
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  6. BuckyP

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    I say this all the time, but never get a "second", so maybe I'm the only one who feels this way. I have a few HKs and I do believe they are, in fact, better built guns than GLOCKs.

    BUT... I just can't get used to a gun that has sights designed to put the bullet BEHIND the front sight. It says on their web site that this is intentional. :upeyes: Add to that, there aren't a lot of options for after market sights. Of course can't blame them since, 1. the demand is not there and 2. the sights are different across so many models, both in heights and dove tail cuts.

    So, I GLOCK is on my hip and I'll be taking one to the USPSA match tomorrow (if the crappy weather lets up, but that's a whole different rant. :tongueout: ) The HKs do look good on the shelf in the safe. :embarassed:
  7. HK and Sig are the Ferrari and Lambo of most guns. Glocks are like Fords..reliable and pretty cheap. :whistling:

    If you have high cap mags in the Hk pistols you should be able to sell them because 9mm is still available in quantity and relatively cheap. I think most people want the .40 and Sig .357 but if you price the 9mm right they will sell.
  8. My uspc 9mm does not launch brass in my face like some glocks i used to own.
  9. NONE of my other brands do either. The one exception was my M&P 45c but it had a loose ejector so at least it had an excuse!

  10. Perhaps I am dense, but what do you mean by “sights designed to put the bullet BEHIND the front sight” Do you mean point of aim = point of impact (Image 2 or 3) a six o’clock hold (image 1) or something else?

  11. BuckyP

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    Image 3. From the shooters point of view, the bullet hole impacts behind the sight, rather than crossing it (image 2) or above it (image 1). If one is used to image 1, then a gun designed to shoot to image 3 will shoot quite a bit low for them.
  12. tbc


    In this political climate, you put any gun on the shelves and they will be gone in weeks or days.

    Although I think Glocks are more popular than HKs, I do notice that most folks who own both brands prefer HKs over Glocks...and I am one of them.

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  13. Jisatsu

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    I've always loved the USPc in 9mm. Bought my first one in 02' with ambi safety/decock for $630 out the door new. Carried it for years. Sold it like an idiot. Picked up a second one last year with the LEM trigger for $750 and am happy I did so. One of my favorite pistols of all time.

    I think the reason you don't see many for sale is because people don't want to get rid of them.
  14. My only regret to buying the USPc 9mm is that I can't find an LEM kit anywhere.:steamed: P30 LEM spoiled me.
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  15. tbc


    I am looking for LEM kit for my USPc also.

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  16. What price are you going to ask for them?

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