Using "reset trigger". Wearing any parts out?

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by DEEAYCEE, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. I'm a new shooter, maybe 2 months in... I'm sure I've read 1000s of posts already.

    G17 g4 (no ejection problems) + Laser-ammo dry fire laser trainer + Glockstore reset trigger.

    For a few weeks now, one time per week, I install the reset trigger and run some dry fire drills. When I'm done, I take it apart and re-install the factory trigger assembly.

    I really like the reset trigger, but should I be worried about wearing out parts by disassembling this frequently?

    Thanks everyone for all the great info on this forum.
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  3. Roughedgekid

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    I have a gen.2 that has many thousand rounds through it and has been taken apart hundreds of times with no wear. I dont think you can wear one out doing a few drills.

  4. The only thing at risk are the holes for the pins. Over enough times, it is possible for the frame holes to wear from repeated action, pins to loosen from the finish rubbing off.

    Let us know how long it takes.
  5. I am against pushing the pins out of your pistol on a regular bass. The holes will loosen up over time.

    If you dryfire this much I would pick up an SIRT training pistol.

  6. Thanks guys. I think I'll start pricing a training pistol.

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