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Used Para GI Expert value

Discussion in '1911 Forums' started by Liebestraum, Jun 22, 2012.

  1. Liebestraum


    Jun 6, 2012
    Looking to sell my one and only 1911 to fund a few other guns I have in my sights, but I'm not sure what I should be selling for. The gun was bought new some years ago and is showing wear in the finish, but has about 2000ish rounds through it. Only issues it has had is a loose ejector, but I am about to fix that when the part comes in. It was about 700 new. I figure I would probably get half that on trade in, but maybe more if I sold privately, what say you?

    It would sell with a Blackhawk Paddle holster as well.

  2. zhix


    Jan 31, 2010
    Are you sure it was $700 new? That would be a very high price. I had one and the ejector actually came off the frame within 250 rounds and I got to deal with their infamous customer service.
    Anyhow I would figure getting about $400 private sale and maybe $300 to a shop.
  3. faawrenchbndr

    faawrenchbndr DirtyThirty fan CLM

    Nov 24, 2005
    $350-400 would be rather accurate for a Para GI

    Currently selling New for $557 on Bud's.......:whistling:
  4. Snaps

    Snaps Hail 2 The King

    Apr 8, 2004
    SWPA sticks
    personally I can't say more than $400 bucks tops, with 2K rounds through it there's gonna be wear marks. I'd say ask 350 and take 3-325
  5. Liebestraum


    Jun 6, 2012
    Yeah I figured. I seem to have nabbed one of the good ones, but with their reputation I know its value has dropped. And yes, when this gun was purchased it was 700 dollars. It was some years ago, so I don't think Para had such a black mark then.
  6. bac1023


    Sep 26, 2004
    I can't see you getting $350 in trade value for that. You may get that selling it outright, but I'd say $250-$300 in trade value.

    They're $550 to $600 new and Paras don't hold their value as well as some others.
  7. Snaps

    Snaps Hail 2 The King

    Apr 8, 2004
    SWPA sticks
    hey there is a classified section on here.

    Give 'er a shot.
  8. GOOFA


    Feb 26, 2007
    I agree, it would have to be in excellent condition to get $300.
  9. Liebestraum


    Jun 6, 2012
    I don't really want to do the whole internet selling thing. Allot of work that I don't want to do. I figured I would check with you guys because I have a friend looking for her first gun (either a wheel gun or a 1911, she has shot mine before) and said I would sell for trade in value, but if I could get more otherwise I would want to sell private. Sounds like I'd be fine giving her the old friend discount. It wont be the best first gun, but its available and cheap.