Used Glock Value????

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by sBad, Jan 29, 2012.

  1. You should easily be able to get $450 IMO.

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  2. Kingarthurhk

    Kingarthurhk Isaiah 53:4-9

    On the bright side, they maintain their value far better than XD's.

  3. HGxyz

    I like to run 1000 or so rounds before cleaning the factory lube out - as samurairabbi mentioned it contains an anti seize compound. This works it in. It's debatable whether it matters, but I like to do it this way. So a gun that still has the grease is basically as good as a new one to me, since someone else has done part of the breakin - you just need to make sure they aren't passing along some problem they found or created.
  4. Hi OP Sorry to highjack your thread…. instead of doing another thread about price for a used Gen 3 G21SF I thought I would run this offer by you guys to see if it’s realistic price to ask for

    Glock Gen 3 Model 21 SF
    With 2 / 13 round mags, Glock Case & Manual
    Comes with the following:

    · Tru-Glo Tritium Night Sights(installed) =$120.00

    · 8 More 13 round Mags = $280.00

    · Blackhawk!® Serpa CQC Holsterw/BL & Paddle / Right Hand=$48.00

    · (6 Boxes).45 ACP Blazer FMJ 230 Grain Aluminum Cased Practice / Plinking Ammunition= $120.00

    · (3 Boxes).45 ACP Blazer Brass 230 Grain FMJ = $60.00

    · Hoppe's BoreSnake for.45ACP = $ 17.00

    · 1 Cabela’s Ammo Box (plastic) = Free

    Total "Retail" Price = $1245.00
    Only asking $870.00
    That’sa 30% Savings of $373.50!!
    Also an additional Sales tax savings of $57.25 (ME Tax)

    This Pistol has been well taken of and is in near “Mint” shape with Less than 500rounds threw it!!
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  5. No offense, but it seems to me like you didn't even rent the gun, let alone handle the gun prior to buying. Would have saved you a lot of money if you did so.
  6. I'm from Ontario Canada. My local supplier just sold a used Gen3 G21, in decent shape. for $650! Demand is high while supply is frightfully low.
  7. Used G19's are selling for over $650 around here. :faint:
  8. If I had the money, I would offer you $500 plus shipping to my FFL. I really want the 21 to go with my 30 and 36.
  9. stopatrain

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    Prices are up 550+
  10. In California's San Francisco Bay Area that fine weapon is selling NIB for between $579.00 and $609.00. And that's with reduced mag capacity of 10 rds.:crying:
  11. 07amf

    In this current market I bet you could get at least $550.
  12. $500.00 One pistol, and if things go well, the box and two magazines. Fear is not a reason to gouge your fellow Citizen. DO NOT DEAL WITH ANYONE WHO ACTS THIS WAY.

    Just re-read my post. I meant to give broad advice, not offend anyone. Gotta get the 'tone' of conversation thru better. Still new.
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  13. glock2740

    glock2740 Gun lover.

    I was just about to mention the XD45. I have the XD45 4" model and love it. I like it enough that it's kept from buying a G21 and I'm a Glock fan. 13+1 same as the G21, but with a better trigger. :cool:

  14. Nice pistol! I just missed one for $400 with 2 mags and 2 boxes of ammo. It's not tupperware, but a fine weapon no less.
  15. Trade for a G36, which is a single stack. Thinner and smaller but .45 cal. High demand now for high cap mags. 36 holds 6 +1. Better fitting gun, Glock reliability and 2 mags. I would trade you but I LOVE MY 36!! :cool:7 rounds from 1 mag is enough if your gun fits you won't need a bunch of rounds.

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