Used Glock Value????

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by sBad, Jan 29, 2012.

  1. sBad

    So what do you guys think a Glock 21 gen 4 with only 200 rounds through it would be worth? I bought it 2 weeks ago new and I'm considering selling would come with everything a new one would have (3 mags, backstraps, case, etc....)

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  3. $450ish

  4. You could get $500 easy here in Utah for that glock

    10mm is all you need for your defensive needs.
  5. take off 25% from what gun store going price is
  6. Sheepdog Scout

    Sheepdog Scout Behind you!

    Well, considering that a 21 is chambered in .45.........
  7. 21 = 45 yes you would be correct

    10mm is all you need for your defensive needs.
  8. Bruce M

    Around here it would probably sell quickly at 400 and might take a while at 500.
  9. Front Sight

    Front Sight Front Sight

    Give someone a good deal let it go for $400.
  10. Curious why you want to get rid of it??
  11. sBad

    Even with no back strap it is still a little too big for my hands, and as a result I am having to strain just to point and shoot it
  12. When I bought my .45 I shot a G21 and a Sig P220 side by side. I went with the Sig P220. Being a single stack mag, the P220 is a little slimmer than the G21, but it’s still a big gun.
  13. sBad

    Yea that single stack mag makes a huge difference, I shot my friends 5" XD .45 side by side with my 21...the Springfield was significantly slimmer and (for me) more comfortable.
  14. Gonna depend on what the local shops are selling them for. Around here we can get them for decent prices new. Gotta figure the buyer won't have to pay tax either, so you got them there.
  15. HGxyz

    If you haven't cleaned out the copper colored lube, I would pay somewhere around the GSSF price in a face to face buy. Maybe +5% since I save the 10% sales tax here.

    A Glock with the number of rounds you say is as good as a brand new one - you've removed .00001% of its life as a trade off to starting the smooth out process that comes from shooting it. As long as it isn't a lemon and hasn't been dropped or otherwise damaged.
  16. I was wondering the same thing?:dunno:
  17. Around here a dealer would offer you 350/375 and put it in the case for 450/475. The guy I usually deal with would knock 10% off for cash. :)
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  18. sBad

    K, I'm new to glock, I noticed the copper colored lube and have heard about it when talking about cleaning a glock, but what is the significance of it? It's just lube right? Sure if it is present on a used gun you know that it hasn't been shot much but couldn't that also mean that maybe the person cleaning it didn't do a good enough job? Sure it's a glock and if you pull the trigger it will go bang, but I clean EVERYTHING off of my guns and then lube/oil them (hasn't caused issues yet, no gun that I have has had a malfunction) honestly that copper lube was gone after the first time I cleaned it (after 100 rds)
  19. sBad

    Honestly the gun is uncomfortable in my hand, sure I haven't shot it that much and I can be argued that I'm just not used to it, but every other gun that I have shot just felt more natural in my hand from the first time I picked it up, nothing against the gun, glock makes a great firearm but other weapons just feel better in my hand
  20. samurairabbi

    samurairabbi Dungeon Schmuck

    That copper-colored material is a combination of BOTH lubrication AND anti-seize compound. As a lubricant alone, there are other lubes that do the job better, but the anti-seize capability is important in a new gun. It also has an important advantage for a commercial operation: it will not evaporate during storage. Since a new Glock may possibly sit in storage for years, that longevity can outweigh other attributes.
  21. sBad

    makes sense, thanks

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