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  1. I have received a USA Glock for my birthday and was told there is only 100 of these in the USA . Does any one know any thing about this ? The serial # starts with AAAA

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  2. My understanding is the first 100 of the US-made Glocks were offered to employees to buy at the Smyrna plant. After that, the rest are for export only, presumably to countries where Austria doesn't have trade treaties with. So there's more than 100, it's just that the first 100 get to stay in the US in the hands of employees.

  3. The USA models have the Obamachip installed in the polymer of the receiver.
    These pistols can be tracked by either satellite of predator drone.
    Send it to me and I can disable the chip.
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  4. Thanks Eric SF . Donzi the glock is on the way
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    I bet they would sell like crazy in the US market

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