US Members: Let's work to get our ATVs street legal

Discussion in 'Moto Club' started by Kevin108, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. I want ATVs to be treated as motorcycles so I can ride mine to work. I understand needing the basics: signals, a horn, a speedo and DOT-approved tires. They have VINs, titles and insurance already.

    I keep thinking about carrying mine to a state inspection station and paying the fee for an inspection just to have documentation for what it lacks. From there, I'll have to take on the DMV and who knows what else.

    Have any of you been down this path? Or are any of you already able to ride on city streets? What are the laws and conditions for you?

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  3. I would assume its no different then building a street legal dune buggy/rail buggy. The items you listed, along with street insurance(not just theft).

    Your best bet is doing what you suggested, taking to a dmv inspection center.

    They make kits to do it, and also sell street legal ATV's. Simple google search will pull up a ton of them.

  4. That would be fine by me as long as it keeps up with traffic. I think that we should make bicycles illegal on the road. They don't keep up with traffic and cause a hazard and hindrance
  5. We stopped in Casper WY for supplies and saw a couple ATVs on the street.

    Interesting observation, Montana and Wyoming had a limited police presence on the highways, Colorado as well. When we got to Oklahoma I noticed more police and Arkansas was huge. Apropos of nothing at all.
  6. I think we should make those motorized chairs illegal on the road too, they get caught in my dually fenders!!
  7. At one time, Polaris was selling street-legal versions for Europe with the typically-required accouterments so I can probably even get OEM parts if I wanted.

    My girl's 330 will do 60+. I haven't clocked my 500 yet. Might do that today. I just want to ride around town though - mainly back and forth to work on city streets, Depending on my route, 40 mph would be the most I needed to do.

    I really want to get up to WV to check out the Hatfield McCoy trail system. There it's entirely appropriate to pull off the trail and ride into town for fuel and lunch.

    :rofl: If you get stuff caught in the fenders, around here you'd have to stop and clean them out at the city line because the guys on bicycles riding the wrong way down the road.
  8. eracer

    eracer Where's my EBT?

    No thanks. It took a bunch of calls to the cops to get the new neighbors in the rental house across the street to stop racing their ATV up and down the street.


    The cops only came because it was illegal.
  9. rhikdavis

    rhikdavis U.S. Veteran

    That's a good reason.
  10. I want to be fully compliant with the law. No speeding. No insanely loud exhaust. Wanting to keep law-abiding drivers from operating their machines on the street is the same thing as hoping gun laws that disarm the innocent will protect us from criminals.
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  11. 05DodgeDakota

    05DodgeDakota Sheep Dog

    I too really want this. Some states allow it. I know according to fl law a motorcycle is defined as having two or three wheels. I think the definition should be changed to having handlebars and a straddle seat. So technically here it would have to be registered as a car and would need seat belts, emissions and crash ratings like a car.

    What I am considering doing is buying a salvage dual sport motorcycle, transferring the registration to my quad, and then see how long it takes before I get into any trouble. That is how most dune buggys get away with it. Lucky for me fl has no inspection. I of course will install the proper equipment first and obey traffic laws.

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  12. Handlebars and a straddle seat is a very logical modification to the language!
    #11 Kevin108, May 15, 2012
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  13. I think that if this caught on, there would be a lot of accidents. I'm all for doing what I want, and letting others do what they want, but a stock atv is not inherently safe on pavement. I can see the media blitz now.
  14. Why does that sound like a familiar argument?

    How is an ATV more dangerous than a motorcycle or trike?
    #13 Kevin108, May 15, 2012
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  15. wheel alignment, center of gravity, suspension compression and rebound rates. I've rode some on the pavement, but I wouldn't get on the back of one. Just my .02, I'm all for it.
  16. There are several states already where its legal......I havent seen any media blitz.
  17. Not sure what you rode but my Polaris Scrambler doesn't give me any concern at all. Easily adjustable alignment, smooth ride, good braking, low center of gravity, etc. :thumbsup:

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