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Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by RustyL, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. Great info gentlemen...tks. Any problems noticed with you G26 Gen4?. Just purchased mine and shot over 175 rds of white box 115 gr and Gold Dot 124gr with no problems. I love my first Glock but am highly disappointed with all the (reported FTE and BTF) problems with the Gen 4's.. Mine has the 30274 ejector and 018 RSA. I am thinking about replacing sights and have an extended Glock slide stop on the way. Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated.

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  2. RonS

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    Hate to say it but I would not mess with an extended slide stop or any internal parts. They may not be perfect but I don't see a lot of need to mess with them either. I figure sights are kind of a personal choice thing, what works for one person won't for another. I have no desire to mess with my recoil mechanism, trigger group etc. I'd spend the money on magazines, a better mag loader and ammo, ammo and more ammo. Have fun. Oh, and a holster or three.

  3. Black&TAN

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    Just a heads up, not sure if you're used to shooting high thumbs, but if so and you find slide not locking back (following an extended slide stop install) on last shot... it's likely your grip and not the gun. Been there.

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  4. I put the Truglo TFO on my 26...I shot it better then my 17L until I replaced the sights with the same thing. For some reason these sights feel like a longer sight radius and there for are more accurate. Just my 2 cents...oh and lots of ammo!!

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  5. If you can shoot well with the stock sights, I'd leave them on because they won't rust like some of the other sights, even my Heine Slant Pro can rust after a day of CC in heat and humidity ... which is why I dry them off after each day's use and then rub them down with a silicone cloth before I leave the house.

    Regarding the extended slide stop, I've also had a few issues with my high-thumb grip, either going to slide lock with rounds in the magazine or some other variant. I have never had any problems releasing the slide with the stock slide stop, so that's just one more OEM part that I leave in place.

    Regarding how smooth the trigger is, or how it breaks, I'm not sensitive enough to even really notice, but I will say that after a few hundred rounds, my past Glocks have all felt very good when I squeeze the trigger ... especially when they ALWAYS go 'bang'. Some of my other guns didn't always go 'bang'. A problem in my book ... :)
  6. I put Big Dot X/S sights on my G-26. I'm very happy with it for quick target acquisition.
  7. Well...thanks for the info...the extended slide stop had been ordered and shipped prior to my first post...if it doesn't work out will go back with original...I guess I'm just used to my 1911...my main concern is all the (reported) problems associated with the Gen 4 product line. I plan on using my G26 for a CCW and just want to make (absolutely) sure its ready when and if I need it...so far I'm very impressed with my first and only Glock and all the bad press has me concerned about its reliability. Tks for all the replies.
  8. Black&TAN

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    Don't let what you read on the forums worry you, odds are excellent you'll receive a new Gen4 that will function precisely the way it is intended to.

    Should you be among the very small percentage of unfortunate folks that have mechanical issues, problems will likely appear within the first few hundred rounds.

    Glock does stand by their products, I have seen examples of customer service beyond what I would expect from other brands/companies.

    If it's any consolation, my first run Gen4 G26 has been flawless, and I have a good 2K through it thus far.

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  9. Your response is good to hear and re-assuring....this is my first Glock and it was purchased after many hours of online and personal research. So far I am very happy with the performance and reliability (after approx 175 rds with no problems) with various types on ammo. I hope to put a few hundred more rounds this weekend. I want to use this weapon as my primary CCW so I want to be able to have 100% confidence in it. Thanks for the reply.

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