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Upgrade my maverick 88?

Discussion in 'Tactical Shotguns' started by GEN3, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. GEN3


    Oct 7, 2010
    I was thinking about upgrading from a maverick 88 to a American made mossberg 500. I use it for home defense and our monthy range shooting events. I have not had any problems until recently where a shell won't eject easily after rapid firing. I was using federal ammo when it happened. Am I throwing away money by wanting to get the 500? Also looking at an 870.
  2. Aceman


    Nov 30, 2008
    Having a 500 is never throwing away money!!!!

    Exactly what "events" are these?

  3. smokin762


    Apr 19, 2009
    I never think selling one firearm to buy another is a bad thing if you’re upgrading.

    I sold my Mossberg 500 8 shot tube shotgun. It only had a bead front sight and the receiver was not drilled and tapped for the option of optics. I replaced it with a new Mossberg 590 8 shot tube. This one has the ghost ring sights and an optic rail I wanted.

    I sold my S&W 457 .45ACP. I didn’t shoot it very well for me and I didn’t like how it felt in my hand. Also, I felt looking for a holster was a little tougher than my other handguns. I replaced it with a Glock 36. Last weekend, I had Night Sights installed on it. Now, all my handguns have the same sights. I shoot my G36 as well as I shoot my G30.

    I consider this to be an upgrade. Sure, it cost me a little more money to get what I want. However, I now have what I want. I think that is a win.
  4. Jon_R


    May 3, 2009
    Central Florida
    How much are you really going to sell a used maverick for. Keeping it as your spare or backup to the moss berg might be worth considering.
  5. GEN3


    Oct 7, 2010
    I not going to give up the 88. Probably going to throw a pistol grip on it and use it to mess around with. I was thinking about getting an American made Mossberg 500 but I'm not sure if I'm going to be just wasting my money. If I was going to get another Mossberg I would probably just want a 500. The 590's look cool but not really what I'm after.
  6. GEN3


    Oct 7, 2010
    They are timed events where you have to see how quickly and accurately you can shoot a group of targets that are spread out.
  7. The Maverick 88 and the Mossberg 500 are both assembled in Eagle Pass, Texas and both use parts made in Torreon, Mexico from steel shipped down there from the US. Assembly and QC are done at the Eagle Pass plant and was the subject of an in-depth article in a Laredo, Tx. (I believe) newspaper not too long ago. This arrangement is sometimes called a "reverse Maquiladora" program, i.e., U.S. products finished in this country rather than in Mexico. The Eagle Pass plant is a relatively new, state-of-the-art facility and, in fact, builds all Mossberg guns now except for any that may be imported already built (from Turkey as an example). All Mossberg warranty work is done out of this plant, and all Mossberg spare-parts inventory is housed there. The Maverick 88 is simply the economy version of the 500, using 95% the exact same parts, (safety arrangement and forearm attachment are different) but costing less because fewer options/upgrades are made available. Somewhat analogous to the Wingmaster 870 vs. the Express 870.
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  8. GEN3


    Oct 7, 2010

    Thanks for putting that in perspective. I don't really care what it says on the outside of my gun. I'm more concerned with the quality of steel and aluminum. If they are using the same quality components then thats all I'm worried about. It seems kinda a waste of money to pick up a 500 based on what you said.