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Updating bios failed, wont boot

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by -, Aug 7, 2005.

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    I was updating a few things on a PC i dont use much and i have damaged the bois or something.

    I was using winbios and it didnt look to be the correct MB and i thought i caneled the install. Upon rebooting i get no bois at all, its asking for a floppy. Safe mode doesnt work ant all, hitting del on the boot does nothing.

    I dont want to reload the system as i am rarely using that PC. It is a 2.4 Ghz P4 so its worth fixing.

    Any ideas?

    the error reads:

    Bios Rom checksum error
    detecting floppy drive A


    LKG doenst work either, i never get to the option to select it.
  2. Can you flash the bios with the correct one?

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    Maybe, never done it. Thats what got me into trouble to begin with:)

    I suppose i need to DL it and put it on a floppy because thats all that seems to work on it.

    its a crappy MB i am not sure its even supported, i will look.

  4. It may work.Doing it from a floppy is vest and seems the only way now.Certain motherboards won't take bios flash unless there is a bios present from the company that made the PC.Even some of those will take a flash from the original motherboard maker rather than the PC maker.If it's a standard make motherboard you might be able to get it working.
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    Booting with the bios flash program on a floppy does didnt work.

    It is asking for a system disk and then to press enter.

    I created a MS dos boot floppy let me see if this will do anything.

  6. Does the bios show up?Some of those bio flashes for floppies must be opened and run in Windows with a formatted floopy in the floppy drive.Sometimes you can't just copy the bios flash to the disk.
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    No i dont get any bios at all.

    just this:

    Bios ROM checksum error

    Insert system disk and press enter

    Inserting a MS dos boot disk did nothing. What does it mean "system disk"?

  8. Do you get any boot screen?Some bios flashes are programs that you open and run on another pc and they write automatically to the floppy.This is more than just copying the file to the floppy but you do it on another PC.It only writes to the floppy.What make motherboard or PC is it?Did you find the bios flash program for that motherboard on the internet?
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    No boot screen what so ever straight tothis:

    BIOS ROM checksum Error

    the it dects a floppy and asks:

    Insert system disk and press enter.

    Its an older ESC board which i found the bios for on the ECS web site.

  10. Is the bios suppose to be directly copied to floppy or is it a program to be run in Windows to make a floppy?
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    There were two

    one was a windows based program and i think the other a dos based.

    I am checking right now.

  12. Warning!
    Updating your BIOS constitutes a risk! If flashing goes wrong, it may render your motherboard unbootable thus requiring you to send your motherboard or BIOS chip in for re-flashing (RMA).

    What's the webpage and which motherboard and bios is it?
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  14. Okay,your link didn't show up completely but it looks like one is an exe Windows program and the other is in a zip file and must be extracted.Neither one is designed to be copied directly to a floppy.
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    that may be a problem then.

    I did read the cautions on the ECS web page and one stuck out:

    " Please do not update the BIOS if your system is running fine."

    Now they tell me :)


    I extracted it and copied it to a floppy with no luck. I will one more thing.
  16. you should be able to run the exe Windows one and make a floppy or extract the zip file in Windows and make a floppy.You need to download to another PC then open it.It should give you directions to follow to make a floppy.
  17. The zip file ones normally aren't as easy as the exe programs.Download the exe program then open(double click) it.It should give you a DOS like window with directions to insert a formatted floppy and continue.
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    I tried that 3 times aready, it asks for a system disk, it doesnt care about the one i have in there.

  19. Okay I meant to do that on the good PC to make a floppy.You might try a Windows CD rescue if it will read the CD.
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    it wont read a CD.

    I downloaded the bios programs from the web with my good PC, Extracted the Zip to a floppy and tried it in the problem PC.

    At this point i am baffled


    one of those downloads is just a .BIN file.

    the other is a program.