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Discussion in 'Firearms Listings' started by pangris, May 7, 2007.

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    Hello everyone – Please read the following before posting ads here.

    EVERYTHING in the Glock Talk TOS applies here. http://www.glocktalk.com/terms.php

    Things specifc to this forum -

    1. All buyers/sellers acknowledge this forum has no liability whatsoever for any transaction, that this forum provides no legal advice, and that all participants will comply with all federal, state and local laws. If you need to research something, www.atf.gov is a great resource, but remember to check with state and local authorities as well.

    2. Per Eric – “Folks, I have asked repeatedly that people not snipe at other people's ad posts here, but some people do not seem to be getting the message. Let me make this very clear: DO NOT post rude/smart-ass/argumentative replies to other people's ad messages. If you think they are asking too much, not describing the item as clearly as you could, if you do not like the product or the poster or if you are just having a bad day and feel like squeezing someone's shoes, keep your comments to yourself.

    If you have a legitimate problem with the item being listed, contact the OP directly and privately. If you want to negotiate price, contact the OP directly and privately. People that continue to violate this policy are going to risk getting banned. I don't want this type of behavior going on here.


    IE – This is not a forum to discuss the merit of the item for sale, the price of the item for sale, etc. If you don’t like the price, description, etc don’t buy it or negotiate privately.

    **Note: the above applies to SELLERS as well as BUYERS. If you are a seller and you have an issue with a potential buyer, handle it PRIVATELY. Flame wars and insults are not permitted!**

    3. USE COMMON SENSE. Per true believer – “please be careful of who you send money to...quite a few members are being ripped off as of late...remember, if it seems to good to be true, 10 to 1 it is.. ask for references.. careful buying from people you never seen or heard of before...all it takes is a reference...

    This is sage advice. I’ve bought and sold countless firearms here and other places and never been burned, BUT I have pulled out of a number of transactions that didn’t seem right, no matter how much I wanted the gun, or how great a deal it was. The deal is no good if you get ripped off.

    4. List ALL 'FOR SALE' items in the proper 'Want Ads' forum. You are NOT to list items for sale in any other part of the site. Find the proper category for your item and list it there. DO NOT use other forums, such as State forums, General Non-Glocking, General Glocking, or Non-Glock Firearms, to sell anything. This also pertains to items you seek that are 'Wanted to Buy'. Put these in the 'Wanted to Buy' forum in the Want Ads area ONLY.
    IF YOU WANT TO BUY, POST IT IN WANT TO BUY, and search Firearms Listings... it is probably already for sale :thumbsup:

    5. DO NOT BTT your ad more than every 24 hours per rule 15 of the GT TOS. This forum has grown tremendously, and is one of the best trading posts on the net. That said, people who BTT their ad every three hours to keep it on page one take advantage of the system.
    And do not bump a add with nice or wish I could.. please pm seller..

    The following are not RULES, but format guidelines based on my experience buying/selling/trading.

    If you post -

    Subject - G17

    Content - "G17, $XXX shipped to FFL"

    Then you are leaving a lot for the buyer to figure out. Want to sell? Trade? Buy? Generation? Condition?

    If they are new to Glocks (or God forbid S&W) the model doesn't mean much. Not everyone can rattle off every Glock model and the corresponding caliber, size, etc. I'll give the first person that can list off every the size, finish, caliber etc of every S&W by model number a shiny nickel ;)

    My suggestion -

    Subject - WTS/WTT G17 9mm in Louisiana

    Content - "WTS/WTT Glock 17 in Louisiana. Full size pistol, 9mm with two full capacity magazines. Factory night sights about two years old. Third generation gun with finger grooves and accessory rail. gun has about 500 rounds through it, and is about 95% due to holster wear.

    Will sell for $XXX shipped to your FFL or $XXX face to face within Baton Rouge metro area with a valid drivers license/FOID/CCW (check your state regs).

    Interested in 1911s and ARs on trade."

    The more info, the better.

    Pics will help your sale.

    if for sale have a price. this is not a auction site!

    It doesn't take much time to cover the details that you are going to have to type everytime someone requests them...

    Again, not a rule, just a suggestion to make everyone's life a little easier.

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  4. all rules still apply...

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