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Update on G-19 and Walther PPQ

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by MadCityJack, May 25, 2012.

  1. I have had both guns to the pistol range numerous times now. Both are stock, no changes from factory...i.e., sights, grips, etc. I am accommodating to both grips and moving between them has not been a problem. I am finding both to be wonderful pistols. In terms of shooting, the PPQ has a snappier recoil, but nothing that I find problematic. It is simply a characteristic of the gun that I and numerous others have reported. In terms of accuracy, there was a suggestion of tighter groupings with the PPQ at 20 feet; once I saw that, I really focused with the 19 and brought the accuracy up. The reset on the PPQ is distinctively quicker, resulting in less travel distance/time for the next trigger squeeze, which may account for the tighter grouping. Neither is throwing brass at my head at this time; note the 19 was doing that before I had the ejector replaced by an armorer.

    My wife's request to have the 19 as her own, was what prompted the PPQ purchase. Now she is enamored with my stainless, 4" Ruger Security Six .357, circa mid 1970s. So, I am a lucky guy--two great pistols for me. I am training with both for now, but will focus on one eventually for personal defense. Making this decision won't be easy. I recommend all these guns for a great shooting experience!

    (Started new thread because old one included references to other pistols.)
  2. GLOCK17DB9


    Dec 30, 2011
    Troy, MI
    Great deal for you! I keep buying guns for my wife but she has no interest in them at all!:supergrin:Lucky me..:tongueout:

  3. Happy New Year. Back from the range today. The Walther PPQ 9mm has become my preferred pistol because of it's accuracy and no history of "flying brass" in the face. It just keeps getting better. At 10 yards groupings are generally tight (2-3") and at 7 yards, double taps with it's quick reset are getting better. Over a thousand rounds with no problems whatsoever.

    My G19 (4th gen) fires equally well since the extractor was replaced but I am not as easily accurate with it. I do prefer the looks of the G19 and don't find the ergonomics an issue, but I am not taking it to the range as much as the PPQ. Somehow, the G19 is like the car you don't drive unless there is a really special occasion. Plus, in the evolving story of which pistol my wife likes best, she is back on the G19 as her preferred gun. She could not quite get comfortable with the DA on our Ruger Security six (circa 1974).

    The Security Six (4") revolver is fun to shoot, retro and so straight forward, but am not as accurate with it as with the PPQ even when shooting single action. Might reflect the fact that I get nearly 3x as many rounds through PPQ per reload time as the Six, reflecting more bullets shot with the PPQ. I also think the poor accuracy is due to the black on black sights of the Ruger that make for some squinting when shooting indoors. However, DA shooting, with it's longer and heavier pull does require a lot more trigger control to keep from pulling left. I would like a recommendation for front sight. Would a light nail polish at the tip help?

    I like to practice with .38, and .38 +p, but relish the fact that it can shoot .357--the flash and pop alone is entertaining, but I don't practice much with that round.

    Why guns? They are simply fun to shoot and, unlike horseshoes, offer survival advantage.
  4. My PPQ is as accurate as some of my 1911's
  5. brianr34


    Nov 17, 2009
    I recently learned about the PPQ and it seems appealing. Like many firearms nowadays, it is pretty much impossible to find one. (especially for a reasonable price)