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  1. PA Attorney General has substantially updated the PA reciprocity page. Thanks to the good people at PAFOA for spotting this:


    ...read it carefully; there's new stuff there. The key paragraph:

    Note: It has come to the attention of the Office of Attorney General that there has been confusion over the applicability of Pennsylvania's reciprocal privileges with regard to the residency status of an individual who has been issued a valid license/permit. It is the position of the Office of Attorney General that recognition within Pennsylvania is based on the issuance to an individual of a valid license/permit by the reciprocal contracting state, and not on the license/permit holder's place of residence.

    ...which completely clarifies the recent controversy of whether PA recognizes non-resident FLA permits. The PA state AG has now flatly said it makes no distinction about resident and non-resident permits from another state. If you can get a permit from state X, and state X is reciprocal to PA, you're good to go in PA.

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  2. thanks don...i'll make it a sticky..

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    Thanks. I'm getting ready for a road trip- i used to check packing.org before I left for trips, but they are no more. This helps.
  4. Cool!

    I should print out that page and staple it to the FL Reciprocity agreement that I keep in the glovebox.
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    packing.org turned into usacarry.com
  6. Can a Pa resident apply for a FLA carry permit - couldn't find an answer on their site...
    Edit: reading closer, although they don't say it directly, the wording indicates they do!!
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  7. I have one, so presumably one can.
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    I'm a PA resident and I have both (though admittedly I first got my FLA as an NJ resident). My range even offers a class to help obtain it. That being said, the PA permit is much less hassle (and cheaper) to obtain.
  9. I just looked into the FL CCW for my son. Price is $112 with finger printing cards. You also need a certificate from a class. NRA etc. It sounded like even a hunting class, from a certified teacher was ok. Sure would like to have Ohio on the PA list.....
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  10. That's why I got a Fla non-resident carry permit. (Ohio) Yes, you need the fingerprint card, application and training form- I believe military experience counts as well as a Hunter Safety card. The license is good for 7 years though...
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  11. PA permit is cheaper, but there's not quite as much value in it. The Florida permit is good in 32 states, including bordering states of Ohio, West Virginia, and Delaware. PA permit is valid in WV, but not in Ohio or Delaware, plus the FL permit is valid in 3 more states than the PA permit. I travel into Delaware on a fairly regular basis, and DE doesn't even issue non-resident permits.

    I sent information from a $5 gun club rifle match, which fulfilled the training requirement for the FL permit.

    Edit To Add: When I went in to the police department to get fingerprinted for renewal, one of the detectives that was loitering in the office gave me a hard time about having a Florida permit, but not a Pennsylvania permit. Implied that I had some drug issue that would have kept me from getting a PA permit, which was why I was buying a FL permit online. :shocked: Duh! What did he think the fingerprint card was for? :upeyes: I talked with a few other officers who had been through the drill before, and knew what was up.
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  12. I heard on the radio that "the Florida loophole" has been closed. Supposedly, PA residents with Florida non-resident permits have 4 months (June 8th) to get a PA permit to stay in compliance. It also means that NJ residents can't carry a concealed pistol in PA with a FL non-resident permit, unless they're prince or princess of NJ, and managed to get a NJ permit.

    If you are a Philadelphia resident, I wish you luck.

    Whether the Pennsylvania AG actually has the power to CHANGE reciprocity agreements is questionable.

    EDIT: Nevermind. She used a loophole to close a loophole. She renegociated the PA - FL reciprocity agreement, creating a new one.

    New FL - PA reciprocity agreement

    FL Reciprocity Modification Notice
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  13. Our new "AG" needs to be voted out next election... she is not 2A friendly from what I am being told.
  14. Her campaign was financed by billionaire NYC mayor Bloomberg. The Mayors Against "Illegal" Guns guy. When they say illegal guns, what they really mean is all guns.
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  15. Virginia and Arizona have also fallen. I believe that only leaves the New Hampshire pistol/revolver permit as the only thing you can get for legal carry in-state if you can't get a PA permit from Philadelphia PD.

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