Upcoming Texas GlockTalk Shoot (August 6) Roll Call!

Discussion in 'Lone Star Glockers' started by AggiePhil, Jun 17, 2005.

  1. Sorry about that Phill...Thanks for pointing that out to me. Ill now make the proper reparations.

    Sorry Folks...Im Colby and Im from College Station TX and Ill be there with bells on. :cool:


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  2. Ghetto

    Ghetto Still alive

    I'll be there!!!

    I'll bring my Glock 23,Glock 35,Kel-Tec Sun2000 and whatever else I buy between now and then ;f

    I'm coming from Kemah (20 miles South of Houston)


    Excuse the goofy smile but I couldn't stop smilimg after shooting my first MP5 ;a


    The 27 is gone bit I got a brand new 23 to replace it with ;f

  3. OK, all, I am in AZ, but I need a semi-vacation. Are of out-of-staters welcome too?

    If so, I will need a pick up at the airport and drop off, plus a hotel room, all of which I will graciously tip for. I can fly from Phoenix to any airport if someone is willing to give me a ride from the closest hotel to the range and back (and have some beers on me afterward!).

    My name is Richard, and my friend's name will be either Camy or Jennifer (or both). I will not post pics of them on the Internet, however, but I will of myself.

    Kimber 45 Custom II

    Ruger GP 100 357 mag

    Weatherby 270

    M1 Garand ('52, GI, H&R original)

    Kalishnikov AK pistol (AK-47 in pistol format)

    Benelli Tactical Nova

    S&W 500 6"

    Springfield 1903

    Bushy AR15 and 10

    (Dunno if I can get these all on the plane)

    Any and all are welcome to shoot any of my guns, but no Wolf ammo or lower than factory standard. No rollies.

    Also, I only have use of one leg, so I will probably sit there and drink beer more than I will shoot. But I know both Camy and Jenn will take full advantage of the offered course. KEEP HANDS OFF OF THEM, lol. I'll even buy lunch (steaks!) for everyone. I need a vacation.

    Can anyone point me to a good airport where you'll pick us up Friday night and then drop us back off on Sunday? I'll pay you for the effort. Also need a good hotel; nothing fancy, just a bed and place to shower and have coffee.

    Are us outsiders welcome?

    ETA pic:

  4. AggiePhil

    AggiePhil ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ

    Richard, I'd bend over backwards to make it possible for you and your friends to attend. Being very familiar with the area, I can provide all service that y'all will require in the BCS area. However, the closest airport is Easterwood Airport in College Station, and unfortunately, it's rather small and only has American Eagle flying in and out of it. So you and your gang would have to fly in to an airport with American Eagle service to College Station (CLL), and then catch that hop. I see that AA wants you to fly from PHX to DFW, then from DFW to CLL. Perhaps some of the DFW gang here would be willing to help y'all get from DFW Airport to a hotel, then carpool with ya down to the shoot, then back up to DFW the following day? Guys...? :cool:
  5. Delta

    Delta ThExtremeMember

    Ok Aggiephil

    I can be there, I will take off work to get there.

    Guns I am bringing, ALOT

    I have a few other guys up this way that will want to come to, so we can carpool like we did the last time.

    Is this range NFA friendly?

  6. rattfink1

    rattfink1 .. I ate WHAT!!


    I may have to follow your carpool. Maybe even participate, depending if the wife is going or not. She is not very trusting of people. I live in Stewart Peninsula area. Were do ya'll shoot. Im am a member of the Bullet Trap and soon to be a member of The Dallas Pistol Club.
  7. Texas T

    Texas T TX expatriate

    Brian from The Woodlands

    Not sure that I can make it as I won't know my schedule until about 10 days out.

    Couple of rifles, couple of Glocks may find their way to BCS with me, but I really need to get to the range soon so that I don't embarass myself in front of everyone. ;J

    How close is parking to the actual line? Will the vehicles be within sight at all times? I'm not comfortable having a bunch of weapons stashed in the car if I can't see it.

    Also, is this open to non-GT members? Some of the folks I ride with may be interested.


  8. tgrim

    I’ll be there. I have about 25 IDPA paper targets to donate.
    Tony Grim – Lago Vista (Austin) Texas
    G 19
    Kel-Tec P-11
    Beretta 84FS (for sale)
    Mossburg 500 Bantam 20ga. (BYOS-no slugs)

    All but the Glock available for loan (sorry, carry weapon)

    Don’t have digital picture
  9. tgrim

    Found a pic, hope it posts OK
  10. 0100010

    Millennium Member

    I've made it to the DFW meet at Backwoods, the (1st) NFA meet at the Trinity and meet in Andice, I suppose I could make this one too... ;f

    I only have a Mossy 12ga, Glock 32 and a MAK 90 at the moment.

    Anyone else in the Lewisville area wanna car pool?

    EDIT : I guess it would help to read the original post huh?

    Name : Kevin
    Firearms : See above, feel free to shoot em!
    Location : Lewisville, TX
    Image : its an old picture and my wife looks nothing like her ;)

  11. AggiePhil

    AggiePhil ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ

    Guys, RichardH247 is looking to FLY into DFW Airport from Phoenix on Friday, and I'm wondering if anybody in the Dallas area would be willing to help him get set up with a hotel there (and transport from DFW to the hotel, whether it be a hotel shuttle or you picking him up or whatever) and then let him bum a ride down to Bryan and back the next day. Thanks.

    Also, what do y'all think about having each person pay a couple bucks extra (exact price depending on how many people show up) for us to have that banquet room for an hour or so lunch? I think it's worth it for the A/C. I'm gonna try to get something lined up for food too. Still working on that one...
  12. AggiePhil

    AggiePhil ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ

    Hey, what happened to the picture of you riding a motorcycle and wearing a drysuit? ;)

    To answer your questions, the firing line is very close to the parking area. The cars will probably be about 50 feet from the firing line, and all will be visible. You won't have to worry about not being able to see your car. :)

    And yeah, we'd love to have anybody come out! However, I'd like to maybe keep it contained to direct friends of GT members, so we're all still interacting as a group. I remember at the Andice shoot, apparently some AR-15.com folks got invited, and it wound up segregating into basically two different shoots at the same site. Since I haven't run this by the owner and since I'll be giving him a better attendance estimate (based on posts here), it might be best to not wind up with two different events at the same place. But yeah...I'm certainly encouraging my friends to come. ^c
  13. Hi Ghetto. If schedule permits, I may be able to offer the carpooling services. I'm in the Friendswood area, so it's relatively close to you. Bad thing is I'm not sure if can make it because I'm in the middle of planning a trip. I will know as time progresses.
  14. Name: Justin
    Location: Denton
    Gun: G34
    I'll post a pic later

    I would like to go but I would really need to get a ride
  15. Texas T

    Texas T TX expatriate

    It was too big so I substituted a more appropriate shooting photo.
  16. AggiePhil

    AggiePhil ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ

    OK guys. The shoot's coming up in a month. Time to start bringing things together a bit and finalizing it all. I'll do a "roll call count" later on tonight if I get a chance, but for now, I wanted to check on a few outstanding things I saw in the thread. I want to do whatever possible to make sure as many people can come as possible, but I can't do it alone. :)

    Have you found a place to stay and maybe people to stay with?

    Have you found a ride yet?

    What wound up happening with all that?

    Richard, did anyone ever step up to the plate and try to help you with airport pickup and transportation to Bryan? Guys, if anyone could do this, I think it'd be really nice, esp. since it looks like Richard's willing to pay quite a bit to come to this.
  17. No, sir, no takers yet. No biggie if it can't happen.
  18. Not sure I might get my brother to go with me and drive

    But otherwise I would appreciate it if someone in my area could help me out, id be willing to help with the gas
  19. I guess I should have been clearer with my response. I think that we definitely need the room with AC.
    I live on the NW side of Houston, so it's a fairly short drive for me.
  20. 0100010

    Millennium Member

    Not sure now if I can make it or not. Found out just now I'm being sent to New York for a couple weeks starting July 25th, which means I'll probably be flying back on the 6th of August.

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