Upcoming gun shows in KC area

Discussion in 'Midwest Glockers' started by MetalSlugIV, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. There is a gun show at KCI expo center on Febuary 6th and 7th. As well as a gun show the next weekend in Saint Joseph at the Civic Arena Febuary 13th and 14th. I was wondering if other GT'ers would be attending those shows.
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  3. guitarguy69

    guitarguy69 Glock'N Roll

    I'll be at the KCI show looking for a .410 for my pop. Maybe a treat or two for myself as well. I attended the last KCI show and bought a Ruger MKIII and thought the show was a good success. I attended the one in Overland Park a few months back and that show was a disappointment.

  4. Gusrattle

    Gusrattle 'OP'

    I also thought the show in OP was disappointing...... But, luckily was able to find a nice shell holder for my 870 while trying to avoid the gun training and beef jerky salesmen. :whistling:

    Hopefully I will make it to the KCI show, but sadly I don't know what my work schedule is day to day.
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  5. guitarguy69

    guitarguy69 Glock'N Roll

    LMAO. If anyone wants to get together for a lil BBQ or a beer before or after the show, give me a hollar. I'd love to meet fellow Glock talkers!
  6. guitarguy69

    guitarguy69 Glock'N Roll

    I am going to be there Saturday, a little before noon. Anyone else going? If so leave me a message.

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