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  1. I am new to this site but I have some good experience with Glocks as an armorer for my Department. I went as far as to ask the Master Instructor of my last Glock armorer class and he said he had not seen it before. I came across this G22 in a private sale. It's an older G22 with an ABU prefix, but what made me buy it was the lack of serrations on the right side of the slide. Anyone ever seen this before? Any information would be appreciated. I have asked a few times in the Glock forum on AR15.com and was accused of photo shopping the picture. I assure you this is not the case. Thanks. I'll post pictures in a few minutes, I can't figure out how to cut and paste the link on this damn apple computer.


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  3. What happened to my post?

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    welcome to GT !!!!!!
  5. Post it again.
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    Waiting for pics also
  7. bigj480


    When the box comes up for you to enter the URL you want to link to, it already has the http portion in place. You pasted the full address with another http:// and it meesed up your link. Here come links to pics of your gun:

    PIC 1
    PIC 2
    PIC 3
    PIC 4

    Looks like the slide was refinished to me. I don't think it left the factory like that.
  8. Interesting, its just on the right side?
  9. wonder if more valuable like that.....like a double headed nickel misprint
  10. Yup just on the right side, the left is serrated. Talked to local glock rep said he's never seen anything like it. Now I'm just looking for a first generation G17 to go with it.
  11. Very odd. I seen and sold many and never saw one like that in any model. Id say you got a Friday gun that missed the QC persons eyes. Can't think of any reasons why someone ould request such an odd version either.

    Finish is a little lighter than older ones I've seen. I wonder if someone welded and recoated for giggles. Still don't know why they would.
  12. Very strange indeed, I have seen thousands of Glocks but nothing like that. Did you purchase this gun brand new? Is there a chance it has a aftermarket slide on it? It must be a mistake, why would you want serrations on one side and not the other? Doesn't make sense. May be valuable?? I would at least contact Glock and see what they have to say about it. Keep us updated.
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    Crazy ! The slide does look redone ...not saying it was you just the color is so light
  14. I looked at the pictures...I have certainly never heard or seen of such a thing. The one thing about Glocks is that there isn't much change in the design over the years...the differences between the "Generations" isn't all that much. Significant mechanical change hasn't occurred until the "Gen 4" Glock 22, particularly the new recoil spring.

    I doubt it's a special run. And certainly, Glock wouldn't make just one gun that was so radically different from the standard product.

    So, unless this is an amazing QC issue that slipped through the factory (which I doubt), my guess would be a previous owner modified the weapon in this way for reasons that totally escape me.

    So, all I can do is speculate. The only thing I can think of is that the person who had the serrations removed may have carried the weapon close to the body on the left side, perhaps IWB, and found the serrations irritating. If that's the case, it would have been a lot cheaper to buy a holster designed to shield that part of the gun from the body. The only other thing I can think of is that the serrations were removed on that slide to eradicate some other flaw. Be interesting to see what others come up with here.

    Have you found the absence of serrations on that side of the slide make it more difficult to manually cyle the slide?
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    Outstanding, truly a unique Glock. :cool:
  16. thats frickin' cool...I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!
  17. Someone could have filled in the serations and had the pistol refinished to try to pass it off as a rare unique collectors item to make a profit. I've seen this kind of thing happen on other forums I've been a member of in the past (I'm not accusing you)

    I just can't see it getting past quality control. Even the cut away guns has the rear cocking serations as far as I remember.
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    I would keep that Glock.

  19. That's looks like it's been "photoshopped". How about some more (higher resolution) pics from different angles in different light? Or better yet, video.
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    if they were milled off, we'd see a big difference in depth where the serations meet the logo.

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